Friday Four…No More!

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Another Friday and another Friday Four Pack? NOPE! I have decided that I will no longer be doing the Friday Four Packs as I have found that trying to find and review albums everyday has become more of a chore for me than fun. Plus there are plenty of places to go and find great metal music reviews that I don’t have to add my two cents to it every week. What I have noticed is that trying to do these reviews every week has made me miss out on the actual entertainment value of the music and forced me to make listening to music seem like work. I would try to dissect the nuances of an album or a song and not really listen to it for enjoyment purposes and I feel I have missed a bit. I still plan on having an end of year list and there is still a review or two I am working on but overall I think I am going to leave the reviewing to the guys and gals that excel at it and I am going to stick to more of my opinion and article writing.

Speaking of article writing please check out my latest article now on The Gauntlet:The Devil You Know: Internet, Social Media, and The Independent  I really enjoyed working on this and am going to get ready to work on a follow-up if I can find the interview subjects and time.

Since I won’t be doing  the Friday Four Pack anymore I think I will just list the bands I have found that I am currently into and maybe a quick blurb about each. Whether they have been released this week or earlier I will try to leave something for everyone every Friday. Here is this weeks music choices

Thrawsunblat: Wanderer on the Continent of Saplings

Zed: The Invitation

Cojones: Sunrise

Hatchet: Dawn of the End!/hatchetofficial

Also go and check out my bandcamp site at I have a lot of great music on there and don’t forget to check out my wishlist as well.

Like I said earlier there are a lot of great reviewers out there and I will link to some each week so that you can still get your fix of new music and maybe get a taste of something new. For instance look at this weeks new releases courtesy of MSN Headbang  As well as Heavy Metal Crew These guys really know how to give you the most out of a music review. I would also make sure you check out their Twitter pages as their writers tweet out a lot of great stuff throughout the week and most work for multiple outlets which will give you a wider variety of music to choose from. Additionally, if you are a metal fan you should be checking out Metal Bandcamp on a regular basis as they have both the music and the reviews, also follow them on twitter to keep up with everything they have going on.

CHeck out this post I wrote back in September about these websites and these reviewers:

I hope I have not disappointed anybody but I am pretty sure you don’t come to my blog for the reviews…and I don’t blame you!

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Friday Four Pack 10/12/12

Good day all,

Wow! With a short week and a lot more work than normal I haven’t had time to pay proper attention to my posts and inform you all on the unique outlook that I call my writing. Regardless I am back today to bring you a new Friday Four Pack. For today’s exciting adventure we are going to look at a few of the current new releases in Enslaved, Pig Destroyer, and Sylosis as well as an album from 2010 in Thrawsunblat. So if you are all ready and seated comfortably we can begin!

Enslaved: RIITIIR

Enslaved is a very good Norwegian band who has incrementally been working on their sound for the past ten years. A band that started off in black metal but have steadily experimented with their sound to much success and have put out constantly solid albums. What Enslaved have done on RIITIIR (besides give it a title that is difficult to keep writing), is really captured the progressive side of their music that they have been experimenting with for years. With the back and forth of the guttural growl of Grutle Kjellsson and the more melodic and clean vocals of Herbrand Larsen, Enslaved have created an atmosphere that falls very close to the romantic side of this type of music. That is not to say that this album is not heavy, because it is, it just has a feel to the music and lyrics that allow you to feel part of the music and care about what the two singers are feeling. One of the issues a listener might have with this album is the length of the songs. As all of the songs are between 5 to 8 minutes long you really have to carve out some time to listen to this album and enjoy it in its entirety, but it is worth the time. Songs like “”Thoughts Like a Hammer” and “Roots of the Mountain” are both beautiful in their scope and their length. Enslaved does a really nice job of using the music and power and musicianship of the members to create a really memorable album with a solid death/folk/prog edge and fans of all of those genres should be plenty impressed with this offering.

Pig Destroyer: Book Burner

Ah grind core, my least favorite of the metal genres next to nu-metal/rap metal and anything that has dub in its description. But none the less as a supporter of all things metal I gave Pig Destroyer a chance and listened to the album all the way through without passing judgment until I had heard all this album had to offer. It was a challenge but I put on my big boy pants and gave Book Burner a listen: my opinion changed very little. There are some good and interesting songs on this album and the fact that most of the songs are about a minute long it makes listening to this album a lot easier. Additionally there is no doubt that there are some good musicians in this band but the fact is I can’t get past the vocals to give you a good idea of what the rest of the band is doing. For the record I am not saying that because I am not a huge fan of the screaming and growling that is the normal grind core singer, I am saying it because the vocals over power everything else on this record. When I listened to it I couldn’t get a good feel for what the guitar and bass sounded like because the vocals are so far out front in the mix that they actually drown out the rest of the band. That in and of itself may be the most impressive thing about the album, the ability of the singer to be the only one heard in a grind core band. Look, if you are into this music I am not going to change your mind, and that is fine, enjoy your music whatever it is, but this album will not be in my collection for long.


Sylosis: Monolith

It is no secret that I love me some thrash and when a band puts out a great thrash album I am like a kid on Christmas morning. I get very excited and the anticipation of every song on the album makes me shake a little bit with nervous anxiety. That is how I felt when I finally was able to listen to the new album from Sylosis and for the most part the excitement was paid off with a solid album. The use of the harsher vocals on this album add to the hard driving style that Sylosis uses throughout the album and the solid breaks and changes that are prevalent throughout add a bit of aggression that this band has not achieved since their debut album. The power behind songs like “Out From Below” and “What Dwells Within” is obvious and leads a strong compliment of songs throughout this album. One of the things that is working against this album is there have been a significant amount of great thrash albums that have come out this year already as well as the releases from late last year. So on a scale of comparison to those albums this album falls just a bit short, specifically it may be just a bit to long coming in at over an hour in length, but it is definitely worth the listen and it is an album you will enjoy if you are as big of a thrash fan as I am.

Thrawsunblat: Canada 2010

Thrawsunblat is/was a side project of Joel Violett formerly of Woods Of Ypres, who was significant in the recording of the fantastic final Woods of Ypres album Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light. This was a two man project with Violett and Dave Gold (who was killed in an automobile accident on December 22, 2011 and thus ending Woods of Ypres), and they played all of the instruments on this album, Gold played drums and Violett played all of the remaining instruments.  With it’s influence from Woods of Ypres, Thrawsunblat have created a strong doomy, folk metal album with a significant number of layers that flows so effortlessly that you are drawn into the music and it doesn’t let you go. Yes this album is two years old but I found this album thanks to Max and Co. over at Metal Bandcamp and part of Max’s review of this album on Metal Bandcamp kind of sums up what the feel and sound of this album are, Max says “What sets the album apart from the torrent of groups playing a similar genre infusion is Thrawsunblat’s ability to attain folk aesthetics without giving in to clichéd cheesery. There’s no field recordings of babbling brooks, extended acoustic passages where the band sings in forgotten languages or other such attempts to appear falsely one with nature.” What they do is stay true to the metal and allows the folky side of the music to come out naturally. While listening to this album you can almost feel the beautiful nature and atmosphere poking out of the speakers at you while at the same time allowing you the freedom to bang your head if so desired. My recommendation is to head to Metal Bandcamp right now and if nothing else, stream this album, but I guarantee after listening you will want to purchase this album. You can find it here:  Additionally, if so inclined, Thrawsunblat are working on a fundraiser for their second album Thrawsunblat II: Wanderer on the Continent of Saplings and if you care to contribute you can find that here:

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