Friday Finds, Features, and Foibles

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It has been a while since I have been able to post anything on here, the main reason being that my real job is taking up a majority of my time with a pretty significant project and that has left me little time for myself. As the line from The Shining goes “All work and no play make Justin a dull boy!”. Regardless I have a little time today to add to my posts and have decided to do so. It has been so long though that I almost forget what we were talking about…

Recent music finds:

Here is what I have been listening to over the last few weeks:

Inter Arma: Sky Burial – This is a fantastic Doom/Sludge/Progressive/Psych album from this Richmond VA band. It is an album that I have had a tough time turning off as every time I listen to it there is a new layer that is peeled off in the music. I also suggest that you read Phil Johnson’s (@PJSLUDGE) interview of Inter Arma’s Trey Dalton over at Echoes and Dust (@echoesanddust) here is the link:

You can find Inter Arma’s album here:

Suicidal Tendencies: 13 – This is a great album harkening back to the old-school days of thrash. Mike Muir and company comeback after 13 years and put out a fantastic album that is worthy of the Suicidal moniker. As I said via Twitter a little while back, all I need is a skateboard and my Vans and I am set! Buy this album, you won’t be disappointed!

Victor Griffin’s In-Graved: Here is a solid EP from the former (current? can anybody really know) member of Pentagram that is long on the Sludge/Doom sound that I have recently come to embrace more and more. This is a solid group of songs and the musicianship and song writing is spectacular. I just wonder how many kids know that the song “Teacher” is a Jethro Tull cover? Would be an interesting study in demographics!

Warbeast: Destroy – This is the second album from this band (which I did not know, thought it was their debut…so I had to do some research), anyway I had heard their split with Phil Anselmo and really wasn’t that impressed but found that this album is really worth a listen. I feel that there is a really strong Pantera feel to this album both in the music and the song structure and that is OK! In fact it is really great to have a band that can capture the aggression and feel of Pantera that Pantera’s former members have yet to re-capture. I have to assume that Phil has something to do with this, no matter what though this is an album worth your time.

Kongh: Soul Creation: Another spectacular sludge/doom/psych album. This album was released earlier this year but I have just recently been able to give it a proper listen. Needless to say but it is phenomenal and should be purchased by you immediately if you are even remotely interested in this genre of heavy metal.

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