I am a life long metal fan who was looking for a place to discuss all things metal. This is my distraction, I do not have a lot of people around me who listen or care about metal so I figured I would look here for some conversation. I like all types of metal, as a matter of fact I pretty much put all metal under the banner of metal and not worry about sub-genres. Sure I know the difference between thrash and hair metal, but its all metal to me. I am just looking for some great dialogue where people can share opinions and maybe we can all find a new band or two along the way.

Peace, Lurch


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I am not really into Five Finger Death Punch myself, but good on ya for listening. There actually is alot of good metal out ther you just have to look. I know that I find a lot of my metal by looking at the similar artists when I download new music on Rhapsody. Also, I follow Noisecreep, Metal Underground, About.Heavy Metal, and Metal Sludge and rad their reviews and try out stuff from their recommendations. Metal is alive and well, you just have to know where to look.

  2. I host a metal blog like this as well, its good to see other people in the same boat of not being around many other metal-heads. Alot of the bands I’m into now, I found on reddit.com. Theres a bunch of pages dedicated completely to talking about new or under the radar bands that deserve some spotlight.

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