Summertime Blue?

Good day all,

Wow! June is gone and we are in July already! It is amazing how time flies (that is if time is real at all)!

In case you missed it earlier I am now a contributor to the amazing website Metal Bandcamp , Max has been kind enough to allow my writing to be displayed on his awesome blog and I thank him for that opportunity. This is in addition to my writing for Ech(((o)))es and Dust so don’t forget to hit them up either. All of the writers on both websites are true to the music that they review and are as into metal and all of its glorious sub-genres as the rest of us are so give them a look.

A lot of great metal has come out this year and I was wondering what has you excited this year in the realm of metal? I thought last year was a fantastic year for metal but as this year moves along it seems to me that it is much stronger than last year and that is saying something if you ask me. There are still plenty of great albums from last year that I have on continuous rotation but this year I have found it hard to keep up with all of the great new music coming out every week. Especially when I start reading the reviews from my fellow writers on Ech(((o)))es and Metal Bandcamp! I think I am going to have to take a week’s vacation from the Interweb and just search out the stuff I have missed so far this year. I sometimes feel a little left out when I am looking at my Twitter timeline and everyone is talking about this band or that and I just haven’t found time to listen to all of it. And this is coming from a guy who listens to music constantly.

Dear metal bands,

I need you to slow your roll for awhile while I catch up.

Best regards,


If only that could happen! Right!? Everyone put your lives on hold while I catch up! That is not asking much!?

But I digress! As we have reached the half-way point of the year I was going to talk about the best metal albums I have listened to so far but a few websites have already done this and there is no reason for me to add on to them. There are a couple of exhaustive lists and some that aren’t so big but either way there has been some really great metal this year. The one thing I have found about all of the lists I have read is that there are some really great releases on them from this year that I have forgotten were even released this year. So check out the lists by That’s How Kids Die as well as the brilliant Steel for Brains and also the always dependable Adrien Begrand of MSN Headbang as you will find most of the albums I would have chosen anyway so no reason to duplicate the effort.

A couple of albums you won’t see on that list however that I think need inclusion are as follows:

Throw the Goat

Sleepers Awake

Ape Machine



Heart Attack

That is just a few! If I have to make an End of Year List with a number restriction I am going to be in big, big trouble. Especially since the new Pyres is coming out this month and it is a MONSTER of an album. Plus Blasphemour Records newest find Losing Skin is releasing a stellar album as well. Pre-orders are up for both and trust me when I say you need to get them.

That is it for today folks, I hope you all enjoy the blog and the links I have provided…it is all about the METAL!

Remember you can follow me on Twitter @ICHeavy as well as @metalbandcamp @echoesanddust @thatshowkidsdie @steelforbrains

Until later, Peace!







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