Since You (I) Been Gone!

Good day all,

Well it has been a long time since I posted anything on this blog. It already has been a busy summer, May was crazy busy for me and June is shaping up the same way. One great thing that has happened since we last talked is I have started writing for the amazing website Ech(((o)))es and Dust, They have been kind enough to allow my reviews and a recent feature to be displayed on their website you can find them here I appreciate this from them and if the truth be told I really agreed to write with them because I was told that the Christmas party is an all expense paid trip including an all-inclusive stay at the Echoes and Dust Metal Editors home in the UK. You have to admit that is pretty awesome, hopefully they fly us first class! Regardless I am glad to be a part of their team and please check out the website as they have a ton of great writers, you will not be disappointed I promise you. I will also have some other writing projects in the near future and will let everybody know about them when the time comes. Additionally, I hope to be able to post to this blog more often as well, we will see.

So, since the last time we talked Black Sabbath released their new album 13, Eddie Trunk and his band of misfits returned to VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show, Jeff Hanneman of Slayer died and Dave Lombardo was officially replaced as the drummer of slayer by Paul Bostaph. Lets briefly talk about all of these items shall we?

First Black Sabbath: I tried to keep as open a mind as possible when the new Sabbath came out but I just found it to be a bloated, self-indulgent mess. I have listened to the album several times but with each listen it bores me a little more. Sure, there are a couple of bright spots on the album but overall, as far as I am concerned it is too long and doesn’t keep the listener invested. Finally on this subject is it really a Black Sabbath reunion without Bill Ward? I don’t envy Brad Wilk, he was put in the position of “not the original drummer of Sabbath” but he accepted it as well. I just want to know if Rick Rubin was the one that made his drums so boring or if it was the band? Either way it did not help the album at all.

Eddie Trunk and the gang are back on That Metal Show and they have made some changes to the format of the show for this season, It is as if they listened to their fans, at least a little bit. I mean my biggest issue with the show is the two bozos that Eddie insists on having with him as “co-hosts” and they bring nothing but teleprompter reading and guest fawning. But on a good note they seem to be spending more time talking with the guests as opposed to senseless bits, which is good to see. That being said however, why do they have to do that stupid “Put it on the Table” bit and ask pre-written questions? Why not just do an interview like normal interviewers do it! If you want to have pre-scripted questions that is fine, but to be reading the same questions to all of the guests from index cards is really amateurish if you ask me. And yes I know no one has asked me. But, I have watched the first three episodes and they may be all for me as there has to be a better way for VH1 Classic and Eddie Trunk to do this show. Finally, I wish Eddie Trunk would stop saying that he has no control over anything that goes on with the show, I want to know how this is possible when he is one of the producers? For a producer he has the least amount of power of any producer in the business. Quit making excuses Eddie! By the way if you want to read an excellent rant about TMS check out this blog post on That’s How Kids Die: 

Finally for today Slayer: What an absolute shame that we as metal fans lost the great Jeff Hanneman. He was the architect of some of the most classic Slayer songs and now he is gone and with him the inspiration and vision of a true musician and songwriter. For a lot of us Slayer is the pinnacle of thrash metal and maybe the most important band in the genre and with the death of Jeff I think that has come to an end. Slayer already had an issue with the status of Dave Lombardo but it seems that had been resolved with Lombardo being replaced by Paul Bostaph. But let”s face it with the passing of Jeff, Slayer is never really going to be the same. RIP Jeff!

Couple bands I must recommend you check out:

Throw The Goat: Black Mountain – 

Sleepers Awake (For you progressive metal fans): Transcension

MAHAT: Looking for a Ride (For the stoner rocker in you):

Neuronspoiler: Emergence (NWOBH metal) Mr. John Sturm does a great job reviewing this album here: and both the review and album are worth your time!

and there are plenty more but I think that is it for the day! Thanks everyone for reading, hope to talk again soon!

Until later, Peace!



2 thoughts on “Since You (I) Been Gone!

  1. I think the Black Sabbath album is fine. A couple of the tracks in the second half aren’t as good, but the bonus tracks pick up the slack. I didn’t think the album would even get released, so really, the whole thing is gravy.

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