I don’t understand

Hello all,

Here is what I don’t understand, why does a band that is signed to a record label has to beg their fans for money to repair a van to go on tour. I would think that the label would be more than happy to help as the more the band is on the road the more albums and merch they will sell which in turn is more money for the label. Sure, I get that $7000 is a lot of money but if a label has the faith to sign the band shouldn’t they have the faith that they could recoup the expenses by having the band touring? Why should the fans have to front the money for this sort of thing and why and when did this become so popular? It almost seems more like a marketing ploy by the label to see what kind of fan base the band has and whether they are worth supporting. I just don’t know, can anyone educate me on this?


2 thoughts on “I don’t understand

  1. What band did this happen to? I must have missed it. I really don’t see why they can’t get help. You’re probably right, its a marketing thing, trying to see how many fans they have.

    • The band Allegeon have been working this for a while now. They are signed to Metal Blade and to me it seems the label would want to help. But as was pointed out to me by a friend on Twitter, there is a possiblity that they just have a distribution deal or something similar that limits the label’s responsibilities and actions. Either way it just seems wierd to me!

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