An Open Letter To Eddie Trunk

Dear Eddie,

I have noticed from your Twitter feed that you will soon be getting ready to record a new season of That Metal Show for VH1 Classic. I have to tell you upfront that I am a fan of your shows, including both of your radio shows as well as TMS and look very forward to the start of the new season.  I think what you are doing to make hard rock and metal relevant is a great benefit to those of us who have tried to carry on this torch for so long. I appreciate what you do and who you take the time to interview. I think your crusade against the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is honorable if not a bit useless, and I believe that in your heart you believe you are giving your fans the best show(s) possible; and for that you should be commended.

 I follow you on Twitter and try to catch your radio show as much as possible. I record TMS every season and look forward to what you have in store for us each week. I do not listen to your Sirius/XM show anymore because I couldn’t justify the cost for poor programming,(not your show but everything else) but what I did hear while you were on Boneyard was enjoyable and again full of interesting information. It is just too bad that Sharon Osbourne’s issues with you had to force you to a different station.

I personally find what you do for hard rock and heavy metal to be very important. Your knowledge of these genres is significant and your willingness to pass this knowledge and information on to your viewers and listeners is both admirable and noble as most would not understand the importance of bands like Riot and UFO to the music we listen to today without you.  You are an important part of the history of this type of music because you KNOW this music arguably better than anyone else and when I listen to your radio shows I am amazed at your knowledge and the people you know, have worked with, are friends with, have interviewed and still reach out to for information and entertainment for your fans. I guess in a certain context you are an important ambassador for our favorite genre of music and we should be grateful that someone like you is around to fill us full of your never-ending wisdom.

That being said I have some issues I would like to bring up to you before you start taping the next season of VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show. As I said before I do like the show but like all good things there is always room for change and maybe even a little tweak here and there. I would hate to see the show change completely but there are certain aspects that need major tweaking in order for us fans, that have been with you since the inception of this show can continue to keep watching.

I am just going to go ahead and get to my biggest gripe first and that is the two bozos you have sitting next to you on the stage every episode. I know that they are your “besties” but all they really do is bring the show to a grinding halt anytime they talk. I understand that one of the things that you are trying to do on the show is accentuate the banter between the three of you and have a solid debate on different topics in the metal and hard rock world but they are just not up to par with your knowledge and it is completely obvious and slightly embarrassing for them and uncomfortable for us as we watch. I like Jim and Don and I think that they are really funny comedians, hell I have even purchased their albums, but they have no business being on the stage with you for this show.  Every time either one of them looks in to the camera and reads off of the teleprompter it is embarrassing for them and us and should be embarrassing to you. I know they are your friends but you certainly do not need them when interviewing the bands and musicians you have on the show. Use them in the beginning for the “Top 5” and then send them away for the rest of the show, or at least until “Stump The Trunk”, which is another issues but I will discuss that later. If the sole purpose of having the two of them on the stage is to get under your skin for a laugh? Then that plan is failing, I find it more embarrassing for them to be in that position than the funny they actually bring to the show.

Now, about “Stump The Trunk”; can you kill this bit already? We get it, you know just about everything there is to know about hard rock and metal. We also get that it is amusing when you get frustrated and act like a spoiled child when the answers are a bit different from what you know, but enough already! This bit has been played out and it is time that you and the writing staff and the producers come up with anything else than this bore. What would be better for us as fans and viewers would be more actual interview time with the artists and bands and less time on this peripheral stuff like “Stump The Trunk”, “The Showdown”, etc…Sure it was entertaining for a while but enough is enough after this many seasons of the show it is time to change things up a little bit…for the good of the show. As I have said the knowledge that you have and share with us fans is admirable as well as astonishing but using it in the context of actual interviews instead of a venue for Don and Jim to piss you off would be better for all of us. It is a bit annoying that the interviews last for an 8 minute segment and we get bits for the rest of the hour. We tune in not only for your wisdom but because we care about what our favorite hard rock and heavy metal artists have to say.

So there you have it Eddie, my opinions on your show and how I as a fan would love to see you and VH1 Classic revamp it before the start of the next season. I hope you don’t  find anything I have suggested here to be offensive as I am just laying out what I believe would help your show and what I have heard some of my other friends in metal tell me they like and dislike as well while we discuss TMS. I wish you the best of luck on this coming season and hope for many, many more as long as you can stand it, but don’t you think it is time for a change?


Justin Petrick


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Eddie Trunk

  1. The complaints you mentioned are the reasons why I finally gave up on the show. They need less wasted time and more meaningful time. Interviews should be longer, lose Stump the Trunk. It really is just a waste of time.

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