Forget Me…NOT!

Good day all,

Wow! A couple of big things happened last week in the metal world, huh? Dave Lombardo is not touring with Slayer right now, that’s big! Plus Bison BC was dropped from Metal Blade Records, to me that seem big. But hey it is the music business so things are bound to be exciting most of the time anyway. But let’s talk about these two events and how or if they have an effect on how we will continue to listen to and/or support these bands.

First Slayer, this situation seems a little weird to me. If you have read Dave Lombardo’s Facebook posts there seems to be an issue with the way and amount he is being paid by the band as a member. Additionally, it seems that the management of Slayer is trying to keep all of this business in-house and not in the public, but alas, thanks to Dave’s post we all know that there is a financial issue that he is not comfortable with. This isn’t the first issue we will see with a band member and management but at this point can Slayer really go on without the likes of Jeff Hanneman and Dave Lombardo? Sure they can, I saw Slayer this past summer at Mayhem Festival and Gary Holt did Yeoman’s work taking the place of Hanneman, leaving the majority of the solos to King and Dave was as superb behind the kit as always but if Guns and Roses can continue without, you know, 99% of the original band then Slayer can continue without Lombardo behind the kit, they have done it before.

How similar does this situation sound to the Bill Ward issues that Black Sabbath has? Either being a drummer makes you a bit more aware of how much you are getting paid, or they are all prime donnas that think they deserve more than they do…I mean, don’t they know that they can just as easily be replaced by a machine! (That was sarcasm folks). I ask this question honestly, do bands and/or their management think that drummers are just ignorant bimbos that they can take advantage of when the time seems right? Additionally, are drummers the smartest member of the band? I mean why is this all of a sudden becoming common place to hear about a disgruntled drummer who thinks they are being screwed out of money? Obviously there has to be some merit to Lombardo’s claims as he has been touring with the band for years and this is the first time there has been an issue, at least that we know of, so the claims can’t be completely baseless right?  Whatever the case, I hope they get it worked out because Slayer, the almighty evil ones, are turning into a parody of themselves.

As for this deal with Bison BC two quick thoughts, 1) I didn’t even realize they were on Metal Blade’s label until I saw their announcement that they are no longer with Metal Blade. And that is not to take away anything from Bison BC, there latest album was excellent and I really like the band, but I pay attention to what Metal Blade does and the artists on their label and for some reason I never really noticed Bison BC. But that points right to thought number two: They seem like they are happier to be free if I interpreted their announcement correctly. So if that is the case good for them and I wish them as much success as possible on their own. This announcement does not surprise me though as I follow Metal Blade on social media and they do a great job of pimping their artists and as I said earlier I don’t recall ever seeing anything on Bison BC and their record just came out a few months ago. So I say “you go Bison BC and move your career on independently and as YOU see fit!”

So thanks metal world for a couple of interesting things to talk about today. Hopefully Slayer can get this thing worked out with Mr. Lombardo and it doesn’t turn into a weird Bill Ward\Black Sabbath situation where they pull in another washed up, talentless ’90s era drummer from an overrated band. I would hate to see the legacy of Slayer tarnished over this. And Bison BC? You go and show the man what you are made of; I have no doubt that there are plenty of labels who want to sign this talented band if they even want that.

Until Later, Peace!



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