Grammy A Halestorm Is Brewing

Good day all,

So Halestorm won the Grammy for best Hard Rock/Metal act at this years’ Grammy Awards: Who Cares? Seriously! Why do we even care? We all know since the “Academy” added a metal category that this whole thing has been a joke. I do not have to go back over the Jethro Tull debacle do I? Look no one should be angry with Halestorm over this as they didn’t stuff the ballot box for themselves but their “peers” voted for them to be the best in this category. That’s right, their “peers” felt that they achieved a higher quality song/album than Anthrax, Megadeth, Lamb of God and Marilyn Manson. I guess my biggest question is who are these “peers” and are any of them even remotely familiar with hard rock or heavy metal?

Here is the thing, I have no problem if Halestorm’s music is considered better than that of those other bands because to some people it is, I don’t get it but my opinion does not matter as I am not a “peer” or a voting member of the Grammy Academy. I don’t know if the “peers” that the Grammys speak of have any clue what to make of heavy metal (and I say only heavy metal because there really wasn’t a hard rock act on the ballot) and chose the song/album that sounded the most commercial and figured that “the kids probably like this one” so why not vote for it. I mean how could they so consistently get it wrong year after year? If it isn’t an irrelevant band, or a mediocre band winning the award it is a song that was released 20 years ago. How do we take any of this seriously?

The sad part is, as far as I can see, that heavy metal is having a really strong comeback in most parts of the world. It has always been big in Europe but even in the United States it is making a resurgence. How do I know this? Just look at the venues that some of your favorite bands are playing this year. Just a few years ago I went to my local club Jaxx (now Empire) and saw Kreator play in front of about 150 people, now they started their concert run this year at the Howard Theater in front of a couple of thousand people. That is a huge step in just a few years, and more and more people are interested in what is happening in metal. But that is neither here nor there, the American media is still not covering the Randy Blythe story so maybe there isn’t hope for metal to make it any bigger. And maybe that is just fine, stay away from our metal people and we will be OK without you!

So here are a couple of questions for your: as a metal fan do you even care about the Grammys or because of the ignorance of the “peers” it is not worth worrying about? Do you feel that the Grammys and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are about as in touch with todays heavy metal as my local pastor? Finally, if you had a chance to pick a performer other than Halestorm to win who would it have been?

I look at this much like I look at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and that is who cares? The system is so broken at this point that no matter how much screaming, crying, and complaining happens nothing new is ever going to happen unless there is a complete overhaul on the voting process. This system may have been great in the beginning but unlike the people in charge of these “institutions” times have changed. I say congratulations Halestorm on your big win, I am not a fan but as far as I am concerned you won on the merit of your music as decided upon by your “peers” and you deserve the statue. Thankfully there are plenty of other metal awards that have a bit more meaning than this contrived excuse for a pop music show.

Until later, Peace!



One thought on “Grammy A Halestorm Is Brewing

  1. I think the Grammys are outdated. It doesn’t matter what those stuffy “peers” think at the “top.” What matters is albums purchased, or in our internet world, mp3 downloads and concert attendance. The fans vote with their pocket books and online polls, look how long it took one of the best prog rock bands ever, RUSH, to get into the Rock Hall. It was because of their fans that they will be inducted in April. Music is about a personal connection between musicians and fans not silly outdated awards.

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