Friday Four Pack 02-08-13

Good day all,

It is that time of the week again and once again I have four albums that I found to be the most interesting for me this week. I think for the first time in a long time the albums I have chosen for today are all albums that have been released this week. FUN!  So that being said, sit back, relax, and listen to my voice: you are getting sleepy; your eyelids are getting heavy…hold up! No don’t do that I actually want you to read this stuff…consider that a slap in the face and on with the show…


Destruction: Spiritual Genocide

The resurrection of the thrash metal scene has been getting more and more interesting as the years have gone by and from Testaments resurrection with 2009s Formation of Damnation, to Anthrax’s Worship Music, to Kreator’s Phantom Antichrist, and now Destruction’s latest album it only seems to be getting stronger and stronger and allowing the great to show their stuff once again. This new album from Destruction starts off where Day of Reckoning left off. What is nice to see from our godfathers of thrash is that age has not tempered their aggression and they are the same blasphemous, angry gents we have come to know and love. Destruction to me has always been like the cranky grandfather who is fed up with the status quo or what others think the world should be and has no problem expressing his vehemence toward anything he finds irritating. It is kind of like the thrash version of Grumpy Old Men only with a better soundtrack!

Destruction does not pretend to be anything that they aren’t on this album and just continue to churn out great thrash songs that make those of us who remember this band in their youth long for our denim jackets with the patches all over them and the Mercyful Fate back patch. Destruction is our security blanket and songs like “Cyanide” “To Dust You will Decay” and the title track lull us back to the safety and security of what thrash was, is and should be about for the years to come. If the great bands of thrash keep this up I won’t have room for anything else in my musical catalogue.


Audrey Horne: Youngblood

Oh how I love this album! Another fantastic hard rock/traditional heavy metal album that hits all of the points that is great about the past of heavy metal. The fun, the power, the melody and the riffs, oh the riffs! Audrey Horne has out done themselves on this album and much like Gypsyhawk last year have created an album that absolutely shifts right into anyone’s top albums of the year list and yes I do know that it is only February. The album opens with the infectious “Redemption Blues” and powers along into a brilliant piece of heavy metal art. The comparisons of this album have appropriately been linked to Rainbow and Joe Lynn Turner but to me this album made me feel like I felt when I heard Aerosmith’s Get Your Wings or Toys in the Attic, just a monster of an album that has you continually coming back for more and singing the songs and choruses for weeks until you just can’t stand it anymore. If you are into the beauty of what heavy metal can be then this is a must listen for you. By the way did I mention the riffs?


Attacker: Giants Of Canaan

Metal on Metal records have released another superior speed metal album in the tradition of their other bands Mortalicum and Arkham Witch. With the vocals coming from Bobby “Leatherlungs” Lucas this album moves along at a fast pace with some extremely well balanced speed metal songs. With obvious influences from the greats like Iron Maiden and Sabbath, Attacker treats each song with their own unique style and personality. There is not any copy cat material here but more of a tribute to what these bands have been able to do and an homage to them. Lucas’ voice, to me, is as close as I have ever heard anyone get to what Geoff Tate has done with Queensryche and that just adds to the strength of this album. Attacker should be proud of this effort and you would be hard pressed not to find something to enjoy on this album if you give it a try. As a side note, Lucas would be a great choice if Geoff Tate were ever to leave Queensryche…wait a minute…


Tomahawk: Oddfellows

The big question about this album is: is there anything that Mike Patton does that isn’t both eccentric and awesome? I mean really! Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, and now Tomahawk and their new album Oddfellows! I honestly love everything on this new album by this “super group” and the fun they seemed to have had to have creating this album. You can hear it in songs like “White Hats/Black Hats” and “I.O.U” and that makes the listening experience that much more enjoyable for you and me. My personal favorite song is the jazz fusion/hardcore/rockabilly mess that is “Rise up Dirty Waters”. Now if you are not open to a little, let’s call it, experimentation, then you might as well stay away from this album. But if you are like me and you have a soft spot in your heart for Mike Patton then do not hesitate and go out and get this album, you will be extremely happy to hear Patton in this environment, one that he dominates!

 That does it for this week kids, I hope you enjoy some and/or all of these albums and please feel free to let e know what you think of them in the comments. My job is to make all of you who read this happy and comfortable…Remember I love you all!

Until Later, Peace!



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