Friday Four Pack 02-01-13

Good day all,

I will be brutally honest and tell you that I have not had a chance to listen to a whole lot of news music this week. I was able to delve into one new album deeply and the rest I just kind of listened to half-heartedly. Because of that today I will be telling you about one album that was released this week and three older albums that I have been listening to a lot and I think you will find them interesting.  The reviews will be short and sweet this week because in addition to time issues I went ahead and hurt my thumb and am forced to wear a brace which makes typing a bit difficult (it has taken me an hour to write that sentence). So enough of this on with the reviews…


Circle II Circle: Seasons Will Fall

I have always liked Circle II Circle, I am a fan of both of the bands that most of the musicians of Circle II Circle came from and I have always found their brand of power metal with prog influence to be an interesting take on the stale power metal genre. But there is something that I really do not like about this album at all…I guess it is just boring to me. It seems like there is something missing when I listen to it, there is a bit of the originality or the grit that I can’t hear when I listen to this album. The songs are well written and the musicianship is again top-notch but there is nothing on this album that sticks with you like their past albums. I really wish I could put my finger on the one thing that is wrong with the album but I just can’t, all I know is that something is just not right and the album as a whole is a giant boring misstep for what is usually a solid band. My suggestion: skip this album.


Lich King: Born of the Bomb

The next three reviews are similar, these are all older albums, 2 came out last year including this one and one came out several years ago. But let’s talk about Lich King and their fantastic brand of straight ahead, break your neck, thrash.  Here is an album that follows in the footsteps of the thrash metal forefathers and beats the living crap out of you and they do it with a smile on their face. Much like the S.O.Ds and M.O.D.s and Municipal Wastes that came before them, Lich King puts out a solid riff fest of an album while not taking themselves too seriously in the process. With a litany of songs aimed at taking the pretentiousness out of the new wave of thrash, Lich King has given us an album that is both fun to listen to and a masters class in how to place and solidify a riff in today’s heavy metal. If I were to describe Born of the Bomb as a beer I would say “It has an Exodus nose with just the right touches of Slayer and Overkill to fill the robust but not bitter Anthrax and Metallica vibe. The overall finish is very solid with hints of both Municipal Waste and early Billy Milano SOD/MOD with just a hint of Kreator in the overall finish”. Go find this album!


Mors Principium Est: …And Death Said Live

So apparently this band has been around for a long time and I have just recently come upon this melodic death metal album from them. Because this is the first time I have heard MPE I have nothing in their catalogue to compare them to but I can say I really like this album. It reminds me of really early In Flames before they started really incorporating clean vocals into their songs and maybe even early Dark Tranquility. Regardless of their sound or influences as far as I am concerned this is a really good melodic death metal album with some really interesting guitar work that is missing in a lot of albums that come out in this genre. With the focus on the talent of the dual guitar tandem it allows for more of an exploration of the music and subject than I have heard in most bands of this ilk. Plus the use of more hardcore like vocals adds a little extra to the lyrical content and atmosphere of the album as a whole. Is it just me or are more and more bands taking a more hardcore approach to metal than previously in the different genres? Regardless, take some time out of your day and give Mors Principium Est a listen, especially if you are into the melodic death metal scene.  


Catapult The Smoke: Unearthed

This album was released way back in 2009 but it is an album that is a must for any sludge/doom fan with its fuzzy power chords and hard charging riffs and beats. I have been more and more into this side of metal lately and CTS does not disappoint on this monster of an album. With the appropriate nod to the kings of doom (Sabbath) and an interesting early Soundgarden-esq vibe this album pummels the listener in the slow, thick way only really good sludge can do. It has enough groove and melody to not become stale and sails by as every song encapsulates all that is right with sludge today.  The soulful vocals add nothing but excellence and the right amount of mood to each and every song and the most important thing is every song is worth listening to without becoming monotonous or extraneous. Best enjoyed with a nice thick black porter in hand!

That is it for today kids, thanks for reading and let me know how I am doing down in the comments…Remember, I do this all for you!

Until Later, Peace!



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