Thanks Carbon Leaf!

Good day all,

After the tragic events in Newtown Ct I have been finding it hard to get into the Christmas spirit and while I will continue to hold the people of Newtown in my thoughts and my prayers I have finally been able to feel for the first time this holiday season the holiday spirit thanks to the brilliant talents that make up the band Carbon Leaf. Last night my beautiful and talented wife and I had the pleasure of attending one of our favorite if not the favorite Christmas traditions we have: The Carbon Leaf Holiday Show. An event we have missed for some time and if I remember correctly this is the first time it has been back at the Birchmere in Alexandria Va for some time. But thankfully they brought the show back and what a spectacular show it was and the Birchmere is the perfect venue for this show. Intimate enough that no matter where you are sitting you have a great seat to the show. Before anybody asks, yes this is a non-metal post, sometimes even I listen to something outside of the metal world and when I do it is a band as talented as Carbon Leaf is in both their musicianship and song writing.

I have talked in previous posts about how impressed I am with an artist’s ability to write a great song and Carbon Leaf is one of those bands that I think of when I talk about this subject. A four piece band that sounds like an orchestra with a multitude of different instruments used throughout their songs to make a wall of sound that is as gentle as silk on your cheek. What this band brought to this concert hall last night was nothing short of one of the best and most satisfying performances I have been to in a very long time. There is something different about seeing a great band in a venue like this and when the music is as great as Carbon Leaf’s it makes it that much more special for the people lucky enough to hear the performance.

Something that I have forgotten over this past year of immersing myself in metal is how great Carbon Leaf are and especially how much they make me feel Christmas. The band has a fairly large catalogue at this point of their career and it varies in musical sound from rock, to folk, to Irish folk, to sometimes pop but one thing that is always consistent with this band is they make you feel an urge for home and the holidays no matter what they are singing and they did that to me again last night. What I was lacking in Christmas spirit and gaining in the holiday blahs Carbon Leaf with their stellar performance made me anxious for Christmas morning and seeing my sons face as he opens present after present while his mother and I bathe in his enthusiasm and excitement.

From the opening and inspiring a cappella “Gloryland” into the wonderful songs “Toy Soldiers”, “Torn and Tattered” “A Life Less Ordinary”, one of my personal favorites in “What About Everything?” and our families new Christmas classics from the Christmas Child album. Also they were nice enough to introduce us to a new song from their forthcoming album that seems to bring back the fun folk sound that made me a fan in the first place. Carbon Leaf with high energy, personality, and good bit of self-deprecation and humor where able to contact the Christmas spirit of all of us that were in that concert hall last night. There is something absolutely special about listening to a great band and being able to feel the emotion coming from the stage as they perform song after song even if you have heard those songs a million times. My wife and I counted the amount of times we have seen Carbon Leaf together and the number is somewhere between 6 and 8 but every time we see them it is like seeing Carbon Leaf for the first time, every show is that unique and last night was not any different in that respect.

One thing I know for sure after last night is that I have to become reacquainted with my Carbon Leaf collection as it is obviously one of my favorites and has been collecting dust for far to long this year. So my proclamation today is that for the rest of the holiday season it will be all Carbon Leaf all of the time, I look forward to waking up Christmas morning and turning on Christmas Child and opening presents and drinking wine with my wife. So thank you Carbon Leaf for helping me find my Christmas spirit and thank you for a fantastic show last night at the Birchmere. I encourage everyone who may read this to go out and find yourselves some Carbon Leaf music because I promise you no matter what genre of music you are into the talent of this band and their songwriting abilities will make you a fan.

As the holiday week quickly approaches I believe that this will be my last post until after the New Year where January will mark the one year anniversary of this blog. So I want to thank all of the people who take their valuable time out of their day and stop by and read my words I truly appreciate your time and hope that I can continue to give you a small distraction from life in the New Year. Remember that the most important thing is family and if you have kids keep them close by and hold them tight this holiday season and everyday for that matter because as we have learned recently life is fleeting and the only thing guaranteed is right now. May you all have peace, joy and happiness this holiday season and into the New Year, see you next year!

Until later, Peace!



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