Friday Four Pack 12/07/12

Good day all,

I wasn’t going to do this four pack this week as nothing that came out on the new releases really struck my fancy. But after spending some time on Metal Bandcamp this past Wednesday I purchased four (it was a coincidence, or maybe serendipity) metal albums that I would like to share with you. So on with the freak show…


Mortalicum: The Endtime Prophecy

This is a pretty cool little album here; it has all the markings of an old-school metal album but with a blackened side to it. If you are a fan of Ghost or Satan’s Wrath you will really enjoy this album as well if not more. I find that the songs on this album seem to be more complete than what you find on the Ghost or Satan’s Wrath albums and the black metal is a secondary finely tuned instrument that works well with the overall musical composition. One thing is for sure, Mortalicum is not afraid to show their dark side on this album. If you are a fan of black metal but want it at a little slower pace than this is the album for you. With the guitar crunch and the Black Sabbath mood this album exceeds what I would have expected from an old-school sound like this.


Earthen Grave: Earthen Grave

This is another old-school type album but with a twist. The use of a violinist in the music to add a little more flair to the overall sound of the songs is a great addition to what is some really good heavy metal. The band was careful enough not to allow the violin to overtake any part of any song but where able to use it as a sort of dark segue within the songs. Much like the band Hung has been able to incorporate this instrument in their music without losing the aggression not normally associated with the violin. The songs on this album are strong and the vocals stand out as a highlight of this album, they are strong and the lead singer has the ability to hit all the right notes without struggling. It is not a flashy album but a well produced solid metal album for those who are tired of the barks and growls of extreme metal.


Ghoul:  Transmission Zero

Speaking of extreme metal Ghoul’s album Transmission Zero may be as extreme as you can get. Not with the indecipherable lyrics and the one minute grind songs but more of the subject matter. This is a band that has taken all of your campy horror movies and added a thrash soundtrack to them. The 11 songs on this album are all about the finer points of subjects that we as normal human being do not talk about around the dinner table. With songs like “Death in the Swamp” and “Off With Their Heads” these guys are not going to win any Grammy’s or friends on the PMRC but it is all in fun and it is just fun music. Plus, who doesn’t need a little fun in their decapitation metal?


Vesperian Sorrow:  Stormwinds of Ages

The best way to describe Vesperian Sorrow is as Max from Metal Bandcamp put it to me via Twitter “It’s power black metal. Solos all over the place” and I am not sure I could explain it any better. With their blackened tone and the use of an orchestra (most likely computer generated) they add a little bit of a new flavor to what could arguably be described as a stagnant genre. Without compromising the blackened death sound they utilize the symphonic side of power metal to enhance the dark stories and lyrical content on which they convey in their music. It adds a little something to not be beat to death (pun intended) by a black metal band but to enjoy what a really good band can do with the talent and ingenuity they have as a band.

So that is it for this week, I hope you enjoy the music and help keep metal alive!

Until later, Peace!



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