Fight ‘Em Til You Can’t

Good day all,

I’m tired! Tired, tired, tired! Tired of what you ask? Tired of crappy metal being forced down my throat every week! Crappy, crappy metal and yes I am talking to you metalcore bands and record labels that keep signing these untalented bands for no one’s entertainment.  It hit me after my interview with Gypsyhawk, which you can read here, and Andrew Packer talking about the “MySpace Phenomenon”.

You know what? He is right you have a lot of slightly talented people who were “discovered” because of a page on a social media website and they have no business putting out music that anyone but their girlfriends want to hear. Just look at the record company that signed Justin Bieber because of a YouTube video! How are we supposed to trust record labels who find their talent in this fashion? I may not be a musician but even I know that the way to earn your bones is by touring and if you can’t do that I am not even going to bother with you anymore. I know it is tough for a lot of good bands to find a following because they can’t afford to tour and their record label is not supporting them as well as another band on their label and I am sorry for that. It takes away from the fans as well as we don’t get to see the really good band and are forced to deal with crap day after day.

I attended Mayhem Fest this year and did so because I wanted to see Anthrax, Motorhead, and Slayer and for the price I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I also wanted to see High On Fire but they had to leave the tour. Regardless I still had to deal with the fact that the remaining bands on this day where God awful metalcore bands who have no right to be taking stage time away from bands that actually perform and have talent! When Asking Alexandria opened the main stage on that day I was at Mayhem I felt like my mother back in my youth or my acquaintances that always called my metal music noise, what this crappy metalcore band was playing was noise, and that is just sad. Have we really gotten to the point in metal where we are satisfied with passing off noise as metal? Are we happy with allowing the labels to decide that we deserve this crappy metal? I am done: DONE!

Now let’s talk about “extreme metal”, I am done with you too! I am done with bands that think they have to out blaspheme one another or be the fastest or have one minute songs with indecipherable lyrics that overpower the instruments. Done, I am done! I want bands that allow their singer to be heard because they can actually hold a tune. I want a band where the objective is to create a memorable song and not be the fastest or see how many offensive words they can fit into a one minute song. I want a band I can introduce my 4-year old to without having to worry about scaring him. My choices for introducing my son to metal consists with taking him back to the past because almost nothing in metal now a days is worth listening to, especially “extreme metal”.

Now for the whole “Retro” metal label; everyone listen and or read very closely to what I am about to say: it is not “Retro” metal it is just HEAVY METAL! It is what we all grew up with, just because it doesn’t fit into the extreme metal category does not mean it isn’t metal. Bands like Gypsyhawk, Christian Mistress, Dawnbringer, Striker, are heavy metal bands. I am tired of the “retro” moniker, this is what metal started as and is continuing with, these are not bands that are separated by genres, THEY ARE THE GENRE! They are continuing on with the music that we grew up loving and are still dedicated to today. Not this bullshit “Extreme Metal” this is the fad, this is going to be the music that dies a premature death because it doesn’t live on the foundation of what we know heavy metal is and where it came from.

So I am done! I will no longer give “Extreme Metal” any of my attention and I will certainly be steering clear of anything even closely related to metalcore. I want the great metal bands to have a chance and push these useless bands out of the way. I want to put pressure on the labels to produce metal that is worthy to be listened to and not something we have to listen to to be able to keep up with current metal. I have not been one to curb my opinion because everyone else likes an album (just look at my review of the new Pig Destroyer) but from now on I am not even going to waste my time. I want metal the way metal should be, I want hooks, melody, riffs and style; I want to be able to recognize a song as music and not noise. It is time for the true metalheads to take back our music!

Until Later, Peace!



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