Good day all,

With the recent news of the cost of a Rolling Stone’s concert tickets I sure am glad I am a heavy metal fan! I mean my god! have you seen the prices that the tickets are going for? Some of them are selling for the tens of thousands of pounds in England. As a metal fan I am glad I don’t have to worry about those types of prices. Would I like to see some metal a little more in the mainstream and available say on radio or TV? Absolutely, but not at the price of me paying a ridiculous amount to see my favorite bands.

Back in July I attended the Mayhem Festival and paid about $17.00 for a lawn ticket to the venue I was attending. That ticket gave me access to about 9 bands throughout the day if I chose to enter the venue early (you were not allowed to leave and reenter) and it also included big hitters Anthrax, Motorhead, Slayer and Slipknot. Now, you have to admit that is a pretty awesome bill for $17.00! I would have gladly paid more for the ticket but I didn’t have to and that is awesome, it is also because of the major corporate sponsorship of the whole event, but you can get past that as they really didn’t shove it in your face like I was expecting they would. Additionally, there is not any current major tour that doesn’t have some type of corporate sponsorship. It is a fact of life now and we have to live with it.

I also had the benefit of seeing the Alice Cooper/ Iron Maiden concert this summer. Again, another highly anticipated tour that would eventually sell out the venue it was in and again the tickets for this event where a reasonable $24.00 per ticket for actual pavilion seats to see two of the biggest hitters in metal. You really can’t beat that price! To have the comfort of a seat as well as see two legends I again would have paid twice as much, but it still wouldn’t have been as much as a current Rolling Stone’s ticket, not even close. This is why I love metal.

For all of the fan-fare and attention that heavy metal received via radio and MTV in the 80’s and early 90’s it never really blew up to the point that a concert ticket was out of the reach of the metal fan. Now that metal has returned back to the underground it is even easier to see our favorite bands in action, and the popularity of these bands of our past are resurfacing with a resurgence we as fans have not seen for many years. Look at bands like Anthrax and Testament who have had major comebacks by releasing albums that are solid and well produced and then touring to the point where it seems they hit every city in America. This is the kind of resurgence that metal needs.

Look at the more extreme bands who keep putting out album after album and are still playing these small concert venues and halls but bring the energy every single time they get on stage. I have a hard time believing that the Rolling Stones will be able to bring the energy like a band like Slayer brings to every show, and if I were paying the prices that Stones’ fans are paying I would be pissed. In fairness the Rolling Stones’ concerts haven’t even started yet but you can’t tell me Mick and the boys still have the energy they did when I saw them on the Steel Wheels tour on September 6, 1989. Unless they have some really, really good blood to infuse into Keith at this point.

But my point is this: be careful what you wish for! I know it is hard for a lot of the lesser known and up and coming metal bands to tour like they want to because of the cost of touring and the ability to make it affordable to the fans, but it also allows some of the greatest in the metal world to tour in a relatively economical way which allows us the fans to be able to go out and see them and support them as much as possible. If a band is able to keep its concert tickets at a reasonable price then the average Joe Schmo fan may be able to buy the album, some merchandise etc… without having to make the decision not to either go to the show or purchase the other things.Just follow some of these up and coming bands on Twitter and you will see what I mean, they beg for merchandise sales so that they can buy vans to transport themselves on the road, partly because the record labels only have so much money to go around. The economy sucks for everyone including your favorite bands, and when bands like Slayer and Anthrax and Ozzy were first coming up the economy didn’t suck this bad. Labels have to make choices and control their costs as well, it sucks but it is a fact. By the way illegally downloading music also plays a significant part in bands NOT being able to tour or get more label support as the companies and the bands are not seeing the profits projected because of the illegal downloads. So if you really want to see a band fail keep downloading their albums illegally, sure you are being exposed to them but if you are not paying for the product then they don’t know!

So there you have it, it is good to be a metal fan! Keep our music off of the mainstream radar and allow us to go see our favorite bands at a reasonable price. Keep them on the down low so when I go to a venue to see a metal band it is at a place that I can actually see the band without binoculars and be close enough to feel the double bass batter my soul. Thanks metal for doing what you do so well! 

Until later, Peace!



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