Friday Four Pack 10/19/12

Good day all,

Another busy work week and another week of not being able to write about what I really want to right about: metal!  But hey, my job pays me and the metal writing is just for fun so sometimes you have to go with the people who sign your paycheck. It is a fact of life to becoming a responsible adult and it is too late to turn back now, not that I would want to or anything! Anyway luckily I have the time and energy today to fulfill your needs with the Friday Four Pack. Today’s reviews will cover doom, thrash, cartoons and an older death/doom/tech metal album. So, without further adieu…

My Dying Bride: A Map of All Our Failures

One of the beauties of music is that there are so many bands out there that there is very little chance that everyone has the chance to hear everything from everybody. Some could look at this as a bad thing because it shows that the metal scene is clogged with way too many bands and in some cases a lot of bad bands. But the nice side of this is that you can discover “new” bands that you had never listened to or heard of before and become a new fan. What I really love about this is that it gives you a whole new batch of music to listen to especially if the band has an extensive back catalogue. This is my experience with My Dying Bride, I had recently read a couple of reviews of the new album and figured since this week was short on the interesting new releases I could give them a try, and I wasn’t disappointed.

I am not a huge fan of the Doom metal genre but after reading some trusted reviews I figured this album was worth a shot and it really is. The mood is down and the tempo is slow with a bit of speed and build up mixed in this album traps you in and doesn’t let you go. The atmosphere of this album and the excellent vocals of Aaron Stainthorpe will keep the listener mesmerize for the entirety of the album. The lyrics and the music together is almost a dirge like dance enhanced by the power of the dual guitar leads and harmonies. This album paints the picture of melancholy while allowing the listener to take in the scene of every note and chord and come out of a listen with a solid respect for what My Dying Bride have been able to produce on this album.  If you are ready for a little bit of metal on the doomy side this album should satisfy that need.


Dethklok: Dethalbum III

Brandon Small and his crew have put out the third installment of the soundtrack to their popular show Metalocalypse. For what it is, a soundtrack, it is an overall good melodic death metal album. Where I will never be able to take this music seriously the evolution of Mr. Small as a performer and writer of death metal has definitely grown over the last few years. Again with the help if the all around stellar drummer Gene Hoglan this album is a solid soundtrack and the maturity level of the music is evident. But fear not, Mr. Small and Co. did not lose the sense of humor that the show itself is indicative of, on the contrary, the humor of such songs as “I Ejaculate Fire” and “Killstardo Abominate” are as tongue-in-cheek as ever.

There is not a lot that is bad with this album, one of the minor flaws is how low in the mix the vocals are but outside of that the album allows Mr. Small to showcase his ever-expanding view of the metal genre. It is a cartoon group after all and they are not to be taken too seriously but if the music continues to be this good I will keep checking in. I have one question however; are their live shows like Disney on Ice? Do the musicians come on stage with big character heads to perform? Let me know if you have seen them live.

Bloodshot Dawn: Bloodshot Dawn

The debut album by the UK band Bloodshot Dawn (released January 26 of this year) is currently one of my favorite albums I am listening to right now. What I really love about this album is how well the band is able to capture the death/thrash vibe and the gruff vocal work and make it work inside of a technical/progressive way. The seamless guitar exchanges match the intensity of the rhythm and allow these songs to flow with a vibrancy and fluidity that a lot of bands miss. I recommend this album completely, there is not a miss on this album from top to bottom it is a solid album for this fresh new band. The complexities of the songs, the changes and the breaks make this band sound like they have been putting out albums for years and the fact that the band is as of yet unsigned is crazy to me. The instant someone hears this band you can hear the uniqueness from them and the way they are able to keep the flow of the song so strong while being true to the foundation of the death/thrash genre. Additionally this was a self-funded and if you go here  you can pick up this excellent album and help keep this music alive.

Abigail: It is the Night I Fear

This EP is one that has been around for about a year from the Romanian band Abigail. The EP is one of a gothic death/doom feel with solid melodies and transitions. What separates this from some of the other bands in this genre is Abigail’s ability to transition from the harsh growling vocals to a clean somber almost tortured clean vocal throughout a few of the songs. This is only a 4 song EP but it packs enough memorable music and musicianship to fill a full album of most bands. One of the keys to this EP is that it does make me want to go back and look at the past discography of this band and if anything in their past even comes close to It Is the Night I Fear then there is a lot more music for me to explore. You can check these guys out here  and the added bonus is you can download their EP for FREE! Look at me looking out for you!

Until Later, Peace!



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