Pure Adrenaline

Good day all,

What is it about sports and metal that work together so smoothly? I love me some hockey and football and recently the Washington Nationals have made baseball interesting again. Of course as of the writing of this post the Nationals season ended on Friday, so that kinda sucks. But the one thing that I really enjoy doing when I can is turning down the annoying announcers and turning up the metal!

There really is no point in listening to the announcers anyway, I mean what do they add except a couple of meaningless stats and their opinion or love for a certain player. Take yesterday for instance; when I turned on the televised football game it was the Jets playing whoever and the announcers and cameras couldn’t stop talking about and looking at Tim Tebow, seriously!? I don’t care about hm, he is a terrible football player and the media’s love affair with him is annoying, so that is when the metal comes on. I just hit mute on the tv and the soundtrack becomes one pure metal madness!

It doesn’t really matter what metal I listen to either because all metal goes with sports, especially football and hockey. I usually like to start with a little Slayer for football because the soundtrack and the bodies hitting seems like some sort of odd apocalypse. Metal really comes in handy when you are watching a NASCAR race but it seems that thrash is the best soundtrack for a this sport. It is hard enough recently watching those cars ride around in circles bit thrash helps make that scene so much better, especially when there is a crash. It is like thrash was intentionally made for this sport. The speed of the music and the speed of the cars just seem to be symbiotic.

There are plenty of sports where metal does not work while watching, one of them is soccer, but really is there anything that could make soccer better? If there is I am not sure what it is, I just can’t think of anything that makes soccer enjoyable to watch. Golf is another sport where metal may not work out so well, but I usually only watch golf when I want to take a nap, so the music is negligible. Finally, since I don’t watch basketball I have no opinion really, but maybe nu-metal would be best for this sport?

Some sports, especially your fast sports have some very specific metal genres that work for them. Especially your sports like horse racing and drag racing. The perfect music for both of these sports is some really aggressive death metal. Watching these sports that last anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, the super sonic beats of death metal really add to the enjoyment of these sports. Plus the death metal adds a bit of an appropriate foreshadowing for any type of accident that may happen during the race, whether it is a driver crashing or blowing up or a rider being thrown from a horse.

All I can say is that there are a lot of reasons why I like certain sports but one thing that is absolute is that everything is better with metal and sports are no exception. So the next time you are watching your favorite sports team, turn down the TV volume and crank up the metal. It will make a huge difference in your enjoyment of the game and as an added bonus you won’t have to listen to the analysts fawn over a certain player. You know, I think I should open a sports bar that plays nothing but metal while sports are on, that is certainly something we are missing in our cultural endeavors, I could call it Pure Adrenaline! What do you think?

Until later, Peace!



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