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So where do you find out about new music? Do you search the internet every Tuesday and look for what has been released that day? Do you have a specific website you go to because you trust the people who review the new music? Or do you wait a few days after new release Tuesday and read as many reviews as possible and maybe sample the song via a website like Amazon, Itunes etc…? What do you use to help you make the decision to spend your hard-earned (assumed) money on new music? Even better do you take chances outside of your regular music to try anything new?

I ask these questions for several reasons, first I am truly interested in how people find the music they listen to and if they are trying things outside their comfort zone, and second because I am always looking for new ways to find new music. But what I really want to do today is share with you a couple of places that I go to find what I consider the best information on heavy metal as well as music you may not of heard of or been aware was available. There is a good possibility that I may surprise you with my choices of informational sources.

The first site I always seek out on new release Tuesday is, Heavy Metal site run by Chad Bowar, this site has a list of all of the current heavy metal releases and usually, at least a couple of reviews of the new albums by its staff of writers. This site offers more than just heavy metal releases, the site is full of interviews from both well established and well-known bands as well as bands you may not have heard of before. They also have some really cool features like their Retro Recommendation specials every Friday and their look into the past with their “Best of” series from years gone by. When my need for finding out more about the new heavy metal and all of the genres started this was the first website I found that helped me understand what was going on in this music at the time. They continue to help educate fans and have a solid staff of writers that can help you understand the music and give a solid review of what is new as well as what is old. You can find them at: and on Twitter @aboutheavymetal

This next site is my absolute next stop for heavy metal reviews and believe me when I tell you if this person tells me that an album is worth a try then I try it. It is very rare that I disagree with what this person and this website tell me about heavy metal. The knowledge here is spectacular. The preceding rant was to prepare you about the fact that I am going to name an MSN owned website in this post as a place I trust for metal news, reviews and history, but it is true and it is because of the writer of the website itself. The website is MSN’s Headbang and the writer is Adrien Begrand, this website is a must everyday but the most important day of the week for me to visit is late morning, early afternoon on Tuesday for Adrien’s solid reviews of just about all , if not all of the heavy metal releases for the week. The fact that he has the time to listen to all of the albums let alone write a review, all be it short for the most part but filled with the information you need to make a decision, is a feat in and of itself. Know now that if Adrien tells you to give an album a try it is worth giving it a try. Outside of the normal Tuesday cornucopia of metal reviews they also stay updated on the most relevant metal news as well as the Friday 25 @ 25 series and periodic reviews/features of other upcoming releases. I know it is MSN but Adrien Begrand gives this site the credibility to be a solid source for all things heavy metal. You can find the website at also on Twitter at @msnmetal and you can follow Adrien Begrand at @basementgalaxy   

Finally there is Metal Bandcamp, again one of my favorites. The beauty of Metal Bandcamp is that you can find almost anything you want in heavy metal and you will usually have a review to go along with what you are looking at and listening to as well. Metal Bandcamp allows the visitor to stream the album that they want to listen to before they buy and if you want to buy it the process for purchase is a choose your own price type of system. Obviously the more you pay the happier the artist, but the ability to choose your own price allows a listener to try more music than I think they normally would have. So the question becomes why would I buy it if I can just continue to stream it? I don’t have a good answer for you but from my experience when I find a new band on Metal Bandcamp I really like I usually purchase the album so I can keep it and listen to it when I don’t have computer or Internet or 4G access. Plus purchasing the album helps the artist and the more I can help great unknown artists succeed the happier my listening catalog will be. There should not be any fear by anyone to visit Metal Bandcamp, they are nice enough to have the site organized by genre and the individual reviews are some of the strongest that I have read for heavy metal. Keep in mind that a majority of the bands on Metal Bandcamp are unsigned or independent artists and a lot of the music you will find here you probably won’t find anywhere else unless you happen to be following a specific band. Additionally they seem to be adding more and more record labels daily, including the new Relapse Alumni page, which is really cool.  You can find Metal Bandcamp at:  and on Twitter @metalbandcamp

So these are a few of the websites I use to find a lot of my music. I choose these websites because I trust the writers and the people involved, they have yet to steer me wrong. It is important to me to get a strong opinion on an album before I buy it and these websites and writers weekly, if not daily help me navigate the vast world of metal releases. These are not the only places I visit for music and they are definitely not my only sources but they are atop the ladder in my view. So give them a try, and since I am talking about websites and reviews don’t forget to check out my features and reviews on METAL BUZZ at Ken and his crew are great at featuring the more unique bands in heavy metal and his taste for music and obscure talent will impress. They are also on Twitter metalbuzz and @kenkopija check them out!

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