Metal Devolution

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I really like what the guys at Banger Films have done for heavy metal in the past. They have brought the heavy metal starved public some great documentaries to help us understand our own music as well as  some of the culture behind the music, so I was sufficiently curious to what Banger Film’s big announcement that they had been hinting about via Facebook and Twitter. I was trying to figure out myself what they could possibly have up their sleeves in relation to heavy metal and their next film plan. Will it be as good as Metal: A Headbangers Journey or Flight 666? Will they be continuing on with the Metal Evolution series and hit the scenes and genres they missed the first time around? Well, yes, sort of…

Banger Films big announcement was that they want to film the “lost” episode of Metal Evolution titled “Extreme Metal”! Cool, have at it, not as an exciting announcement as I had hoped but good for them for thinking about this genre and good for them to try to continue on with the series. Oh, but wait, there’s more! Not only do they want to make this “lost” episode, but they want the fans of Metal Evolution to pay for its creation. In the immortal words of Amy Pohler and Seth Meyers on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update…Really!? I appreciate their enthusiasm but again Really!?

First of all if you are going to call the extreme metal episode the “lost” episode doesn’t it already have to be made, and then misplaced, hence the “lost” moniker? Or is what we are really talking about is that Metal Evolution wasted two episodes on “Nu-Metal” and “Grunge” and “lost” the time and credibility to add the extreme metal episode to the series. I personally believe that is the case. Why did we need to know how grunge musicians felt about the influence of metal musicians on their music, I think I can figure that out on my own. Unless there is a lack of grunge documentaries out there I really don’t want to see those bands in my metal docs. Is it just me? And don’t even get me started about the Nu-Metal episode of this documentary series, talk about a waste of time! I get that there are still fans out there that are into these bands and most of them fit in the demographic a show like this is looking for but come on, Limp Bizkit and Korn are so irrelevant, and not metal that the show runners should have been replaced after showing this waste of an episode.

But now Banger Films is pimping their fans to help them create the “lost” episode of Metal Evolution. Please give money to a movie production company to create an episode to a documentary series that they seemed to have forgotten and instead put in two episodes that added nothing to the overall series. I completely understand bands having a grassroots effort to help them continue on and make music and even music videos. That is the whole purpose of websites like Kickstarter, and this type of generosity has been going on forever with bands. Just look at the history of some of the great bands of our past and how hard it was when they where coming up through the ranks of music. They depended on their fans to help them with places to sleep, transportation, food and drink, and even money. But they had not made their big break yet and they had not had an album go multi-platinum yet, what they had was nothing, accept the kindness of strangers. Banger Films is not a struggling rock band, they are an award-winning documentary film company that has had its share of success and acclaim and should be able to do this type of thing on their own.

If you want to tell me that Banger created this campaign to allow the fans to be part of the process it will take to create the “lost” (read forgotten) episode and feel like they contributed to something big or original for the metal community, fine, but donate the fan donated money to charity and use the same resources that were used to create the other 11 episodes of Metal Evolution. It irks me that Banger Films would consider taking money out of the pockets of metal fans to do this when the musicians that Banger makes films about are struggling to hold on to fan support themselves. It is a twisted logic and an outcome that will give neither Banger Films or metal bands they cover a benefit. For every donation made to Banger is probably one less album a fan can buy and that is one less band Banger will be able to cover in their next series on heavy metal. I appreciate Banger Film’s intentions, and I believe they are good, but come on, can metal fans really afford another group asking for money from them? I know I cant!

NOTE: Scot from Banger Films was kind enough to read and comment on the above post. Make sure you read the comments to read Banger’s response to this post. Thanks Scot for taking the time to read and comment.

Until Later, Peace!



3 thoughts on “Metal Devolution

  1. Dude. Scot from Banger here. All we are asking is metal fans pay $5 to pre-order a download of the episode. If you want to give more great. It’s the alternative to downloading it for free…We tried to make this episode with the first batch of 11 but some TV networks were scared of it. believe me…we didn’t forget it!

    • Scot,
      Thanks for reading the post and for your response I appreciate it and I am going to add an edit to the post to make sure everyone is able to see your comment. I think it is fair and important to make sure everyone who reads my post knows that you/Banger Films commented. Once again, thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post.

  2. Great post. I completely agree with you about this – especially wasting two episodes on the garbage people call music – Grunge and Nu-Metal. They should have just made one episode centered around both of those genres. I am looking forward to the extreme metal, if it gets made.

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