The Pursuit of Vikings

Good day all,

Recently I was introduced to a band called Frost Giant and their fun little EP called “When Myth And History Merged Into Mystery”. It is a fun little viking/folk EP, it has a little everything in it, a little hardcore, a little traditional metal, and all of the gang vocals and chanting one would expect from a viking/folk band. One of the interesting things about Frost Giant is that they are an American band singing viking/folk. That is a little bit of a surprise thinking that in general as Americans there are very few connections to the viking world and tradition. Not to say they may not have it in their ancestry but in general the viking/folk genre has been better served by the Swedes and Nords and other European bands. I mean what do these guys know about vikings outside of the Minnesota Vikings? I kid, I kid because I care.

But in general the viking/folk genre is a fun genre  to listen to, what better than songs honoring Odin and the other gods of the mystic and viking worlds? Or songs about epic battles fought on the high seas, the plundering and piliging of yesteryear. There are bands like Amon Amarth that do this really well, and it helps that they actually look like vikings to begin with and seem like if they picked up a battle-axe or where on a viking warship they wouldn’t look out-of-place. And that is the fun of this music, much like the kids in grade school and some in high school that took to the woods to play first person role-playing games, the metal viking/folk bands take this stuff seriously and some (Ensiferum) even perform some of the fight scenes that they sing about onstage. YouTube it, you will see!

But none of that is a bad thing, you can have a lot of fun listening to this music, this is the ultimate music to suspend your beliefs and step out of reality and just have fun. You can still bang your head and you can still get the aggression and speed that you love out of your metal while at the same time having a little fun on the journey. As far as I can tell there is nothing really serious about this music it is all just pure fun, and you can also learn about Norse Mythology as well as other early European History moments and highlights. Heck in some cases a band like Ex Deo will teach you a little bit about Roman history!

So what we know is that viking/folk metal is not only fun to listen to but you can learn something as well and that should be enough for you to give it a try. SIt back on your couch, turn your speakers up to 11, grab a beer and a turkey leg, and enjoy a little trip into the past with one of these bands. There is nothing wrong with finding yourself traveling back in time with a band from this genre and you will thank me later. Every once in a while you need to just let go of the stress of life and take a trip deep into history.

That brings me back to Frost Giant. Outside of the fact that they have created a pretty solid EP with a strong viking feel to it are they going to be able to continue on this solid metal path without having the viking/Norse/folk background like their European brothers? Do you have to have that European background? I don’t think so, Dio wrote about the mystical side of music for years and he was born in New Hampshire! So yes as long as they are making and performing solid metal then really there should be no problem. I hope they eventually get around to releasing a full length album, I think they are already on a strong start evidenced by their EP.

I have said this before and I will say this again, metal doesn’t always have to be about the darker side of life, sometimes it can just be fun to listen to as an escape from life and all of the responsibilities that go along with it. Stop and give a good viking metal band like Frost Giant a try.

Song of the Day:

Until Later, Peace!



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