I Say You Want A Revolution!

Good day all,

Recently I have contributed some reviews to my friends at METAL BUZZ and there seems to be a common thread between each of those reviews and how I am looking at music today. I reviewed Rex Shachath (who need a name change because theirs is a pain to write correctly), Dust Bolt, Black Breath and Gypsyhawk respectively. The one thing that I know I said about all of these bands is how they remind me in one way or another of a band from the 70’s 80’s or 90’s and not in a bad way but in a great way. That got me thinking about the heavy metal scene of today and I have come to a conclusion: we need a retro revolution!

That’s right I said it and let’s all face it, the music of our youth is and was better than anything that is coming out right now. Sure there are some great bands of today but again they all seem to be taking what was great in the early days and hay days of metal and rehashing it for today. Again not a bad thing but why not just go with that sound and stick to it, screw creating a new sound or enhancing the music with today’s technology, just play it like it used to be played, it was the best anyway!

Take a band like Gypsyhawk who everyone knows I think is a great band, but what makes them so great? Simple, they took that early 70’s vibe, stuck to the formula and put out an album that we love, because it makes us feel comfortable. Much like what Dust Bolt did on  the thrash side, and what Rex Shachath did on the death side. We like what we know and the sounds of these bands is what we know. Bring out a Judas Priest carbon copy and I believe we will all be happy. Who will it be? Is it a band like Holy Grail? Could it even be Striker or Wolf? I think we could look at those bands in a retro-glasses and see them in the early days of metal. Why not? they have the sound and the attitude and they believe in what they do.

The same goes for the hardcore scene, I don’t need anyone messing with what Black Flag, Minor Threat, or any of the other great late 70’s early 80’s hardcore bands have done. Keep working the formula, its OK we are going to buy the albums because it is what we know and what makes us happy. Bands like Thick As Blood and Blood For Blood have been able to keep this sound alive. I actually like being able to understand what my hardcore singers are saying instead of having the vocals distorted in the music. It is a retro revolution people ! Get on board! Scream it out from the highest mountaintops, or your parent’s basement if you don’t feel like climbing.

I really enjoy what today’s music has become and is about but it seems that we are moving further and further away from what metal truly was when it was great. Do we really want the advances of technology to mess with what we know and love as our metal music? Do we want some punk kids to take the two things that make metal great (metal and hardcore) and create some bastard child that is metalcore? Do we really want to keep adding genres to our music that make it harder and harder for true bands and artists to succeed in music? To all of this I say NO! That is why I am calling for the retro revolution!

Stand up with me, let’s take back our music and send these non-retro believing suckers back to whence they came. This is our music, we made it what it is today and we want it back. You want to be a metalcore band? Fine, go to France where they tolerate that type of thing, but get out of our music! If we don’t speak out on this who will? Join me in support of the Retro Revolution (Trademark pending)!

Until Later, Peace!



2 thoughts on “I Say You Want A Revolution!

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