Rex Shachath: Sepulchral Torment Review

Good day all,

Sorry but a busy work and personal schedule has reduced my ability to provide you with the wit, humor, and sarcasm that you have come to expect from me on a weekly basis. I will hopefully be able to supply you with more on the money metal talk soon but in the meantime please enjoy this review of Rex Shachath: Sepulchral Torment I wrote and was originally posted on METAL BUZZ

What is old is new again. This phrase is perfect to describe the EP released by Irish old school death metalers Rex Shachath. What we have here is a journey into our past and it is not a bad trip, as a matter of fact it is pretty fun. The EP opens with a waste of an intro, really, you are making an EP with four or five songs on it and you waste a spot with an intro? This tells me one of two things, either they don’t have any other material or they are getting some really bad advice. But the intro is the only weak part of this album, from there on in this is a powerful debut for these Irishmen.

After the intro the album busts out its best Slayer in the fast and powerful opener Sepulchral Torment. The album then moves right into the brutal Follow the Bastard which along with the following song Blind from Birth are my two favorite songs on this EP. Two more just as powerful and innovative songs follow with Seven Serpents and Statues of Death to round out a solid and well recorded debut EP.

The great thing about this EP is it will instantly transform you to when death metal was at its peak back in the late 80s and early 90s. The influences of Chuck Schuldiner’s Death, early Obituary, Slayer, are obvious without being annoying. I personally am not a big fan of death metal but the death metal that I really like came from those bands and in that era and Rex Shachath brings me back to those days with a really strong EP debut. Even the production of the EP has that feel of old school to it, not over produced and just the right amount of the garage tone to it that made death metal what it was back in the day.

I am not one who is really a big fan of the EP either, if I am going to spend my money I want it to be on a full length record, that Is how I feel I get my money’s worth. But this time I will make an exception, if you are a fan of the old school death then this EP is well worth the time and money and it really will leave you salivating for a full length album from these guys. My hope is they get to tour the States at some point as I think that these guys will put on a killer live show.

Until Later, Peace!



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