Gypsyhawk: Revelry & Resistance

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As stated in the previous post another wacky week leads to another review. This time of the awesome new album by Gypsyhawk,enjoy! This review was orginally posted on METAL BUZZ at

Gypsyhawk: Revelry & Resistance (Metal Blade)

When it comes to writing reviews of albums one of the things I find myself looking at is how the new album compares to the previous releases by the artist and if the new release measures up to the former. It is an interesting game because as a reviewer I have to decide if I am going to take the album on its own merits or if it is necessary to compare it to the past release. Luckily for me on this review the band has made this really easy for me.

Gypsyhawk released Patience and Perseverance in 2010 and it is a fantastic album, it is one of those albums when you hear it you are instantly hooked by how available the music is and how unique the sound is even with the obvious influences of Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple among others. Patience and Perseverance introduced us to the California based band of former Skeletonwitch bassist/vocalist Eric Harris, drummer Joe Fabio and guitarists Andrew Packer and Scotty Conant and together they have created a “retro” sound that is packed full of hard charging guitars and rhythm with just the right amount of attitude and aggression. Patience and Perseverance included what I consider one of the best songs I have heard in a long time in “For Those Who Love the Lizz” and as far as I was concerned it was going to be hard to beat this album.

Well, Gypsyhawk did it and not only have they now proven themselves as a band but as a band that should get the recognition that they really deserve. The really nice thing about Gypsyhawk’s new album is it’s accessible. What does that mean? It is similar to what happened when Volbeat hit the metal map, they had some decent heavy metal and hard rock songs that where acceptable to the less metal familiar fans, and there is nothing wrong with that but in Volbeat’s case I think they were a little to accessible. Gypsyhawk on the other hand is accessible to those who skirt the edge of hard rock and metal but understand what fantastic songwriting and music structure are and how the obvious influences infused in this album come over to the listener.

Gypsyhawk’s newest release Revelry and Resistance is a standout album in a time of mediocre offerings from the metal world. This album hits all of the major points that a great metal band should be able to do without selling themselves short or out. This album allowed them to take what they started on Patience and Perseverance and expand and explore the music and the influences from whence they came. From the opening “Overloaded” to the Lynyrd Skynyrd-esq “1345” Gypsyhawk shows what can be accomplished on an album by actually sticking to the formula that created the great music to begin with. Additionally Metal Blade should be commended for allowing Gypsyhawk to keep their style and magic to allow this album to be released the way it should be, gritty, powerful and full of an American style that can be recognized by anyone.

I would not usually guarantee anything when it comes to musical taste but I cannot fathom anyone not considering this one of the best albums of this year if not in the top 10 of the past couple of years. Revelry and Resistance is what a metal album should be and the metal world should take note. Gypsyhawk where able to take everything that was great with the origins of heavy metal, update it and expand on the beauty of the past. One of the most original albums I personally have heard in a long time and one that will not disappoint. Once again, top to bottom this album is worth stopping anything you are currently doing and buying it. I like this album so much I actually feel lucky that I was able to hear it, seriously, an album like this is the reason we all listen to music.


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