Black Breath Review : Sentenced to Life

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Another wacky week leads to another review post. This is a review of the Black Breath album Sentenced to Life, I hope you enjoy it. Originally posted on METAL BUZZ’s website at

Black Breath: Sentenced to Life

 Black Breath released the album Sentenced to Life back on March 27 but I have just recently received a copy of the album and here are my thoughts: Excellent…end of review! Ha! Just kidding! This album really is excellent, taking on hardcore and involving a little bit of everything else that the metal world has to offer. The beauty of hardcore is that it really sticks to a simple formula and if you can follow that formula you can most likely create a pretty solid hardcore album. My feeling is that most hardcore fans, like me, are not really picky when it comes to the music as long as the band performing it entertains in the way that the fan expects. Not a lot of thought needs to be put into it, just play the way your fans expect. Black Breath on the other hand took the basic hardcore formula and turned it up to 11.

Sentenced to Life is the second full length album from the Seattle based band and it is a superior follow up to their 2010 release Heavy Breathing which in and of itself was an excellent album. With it’s down tuned guitar tones and early punk grind this album speeds by in an intense display of hardcore grit and an intense assault on a listeners ear drums. The album kicks into gear almost instantly on the first track and blazes through to the finish in just over 30 minutes. When I said the album speeds by I meant it literally.

Black Breath does a great job of incorporating other facets outside of the hardcore realm into this album and they do it with impressive talent and songwriting. As the album moves along at its breakneck pace the band touches into the sludge, black, and death arenas but still keeps the hardcore edge throughout, with a healthy dose of Satan sprinkled in for good measure.  It is a little more of a complex approach to hardcore but Black Breath does a nice job of the transitions from straight in your face hardcore and explores different avenues throughout the album. It may take a listen or two before you really appreciate what Black Breath accomplished on this album but it is worth it and will leave the listener more than satisfied. Most likely you will be disappointed that the album ends.

If you are a fan of Black Breath then this album is just what you would expect from them, there are no surprises crammed into this 33 minute sound bomb. Black Breath puts on an impressive display of what hardcore has evolved into and a glimpse of what it could be in the future. Another solid album from this band and the more I listen to Sentenced to Life the more it works its way up my best of the year list.


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