Who’s To Blame

Good day all,

Here we go again, I can’t even believe I have to write this again but heavy metal did not cause the kid from Baltimore to take a gun to school and shoot a classmate. He did it because he did not know or understand how to express his feelings properly and had easy access to a gun. Or he is just nuts! EIther way heavy metal had nothing to do with this crime and the fact that the media continues to bring this up and compare it to the shootings at the Sikh temple in Minnesota or the theater shooting in Colorado is just ridiculous. The only thing that these shootings have in common is that guns were used in all of the attacks and the psycho from Minnesota was in a neo-nazi band that resembled a metal or hardcore band, the difference being that neo-nazi bands are about propaganda and hate. Just so you know I am not condemning guns, I am not a fan of them, and I think that people allow them to be to easily accessible to others, but this is not a post about guns.

I find it completely outrageous that people would really believe that heavy metal would ever play a factor in the killing of another person. If this were true wouldn’t there be a lot more killings after people listened to heavy metal. For God’s sake the parking lot after a metal concert would be a war zone. Music does not cause people to kill so why does the media keep bringing this up and trying to relate all of these shootings?

Some of you may remember and some of you may not but there where two separate cases in the ’80s where heavy metal was blamed in the deaths of three kids. All of these kids committed suicide and the music of Ozzy Osbourne was blamed in one case and Judas Priest was accused in the second case. Both cases ended up being dismissed because the thought that a song could provoke this behavior is unrealistic. But the media keeps on pressing.

Similarly the two boys who perpetrated the attack on Columbine were associated with Marilyn Manson because of the clothes they wore during their assault on the school. Seriously! They liked Marilyn Manson because of their clothes? And people believed this? I am not a fan of Marilyn Manson but even I have to come to his defense in this confusion. Just because you dress like a goth does not make you a Marilyn Manson fan in fact I would have to ask why people do not associate them with H.I.M instead of Manson? I guess guys who sing about and dress like vampires seem less dangerous than an androgynous freak show.

It is a story as old as time; people kill other people. I don’t necessarily understand it but unfortunately it is a fact of life. Here is what is not a fact of life, heavy metal causes people to kill people! Let me ask this question if music of any type was responsible for these people killing other humans then what did the man who shot his former co-worker outside of the Empire State Building listen to? Whatever it was I bet it was responsible for him killing his former co-worker…or maybe he was just crazy…you pick!

Heavy metal for as loud, aggressive, and at times ridiculous it may be does not cause people to pick up a gun and kill people. In fact if you ask me, in my experience heavy metal is a great outlet for your aggressions and listening to it allows you to transfer your issues to the band you are listening to at that time. Sure some of the metal may be gory and at times horrific but it is this outlet that banishes the violent feelings in the listener. Obviously I am not a doctor but if you listen to this music I have to believe you understand what I am saying.

Marilyn Manson had as much to do with the crimes that these kids committed as Judas Priest and Ozzy had in the ’80s…Nothing! We as a society need to take responsibilities for our actions as well as how we listen and pay attention to our own children. Parents have to become more responsible and help their children cope with their issues and notice when things are affecting them whether in school or anywhere else. We all remember what it was like to be the awkward teenager we were all once there.  Heavy metal is an escape not a scapegoat.

Song of the Day: http://youtu.be/GozbMoAkEqc

Until Later, Peace!



One thought on “Who’s To Blame

  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Media is alwyas looking for something to be put a blame on. Metal is an easy target. I think metal helps kids instead of hurts. You can’t release that much aggression and still want to kill someone. I find metal to be a release. It has pulled me out of many bad moods and angry feelings.

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