United We Shall Stand!

Good day all,

Once again before I get into today’s topic I want to make a couple of things clear; in the wake of the shooting this past Sunday at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin that last thing anyone should be worried about is defending their music to people who think that this shooter was in a band that played music that was popular. What people should really care about is the fact that a neo-nazi creep killed six people and injured others and then took a cowards exit by offing himself. Who should be remembered is Lt. Brian Murphy, Satwant Singh Kaleka, and Amanat and Abhay Singh (9 and 11 respectivly) who are the true heroes to emerge from this tragedy. This is what is important, that these people faced down evil and saved many lives at their own risk of death. Mr. Kaleka wasn’t lucky enough to survive but his heroics helped others find shelter in the temple and away from the shooters sights. If you don’t know or understand anything about the Sikh religion, take a minute, do a little research and understand where they come from and what they are about. An American citizen killed these people in cold blood, I believe the least we could do is trying to understand them and their beliefs.

With all of that being said, I have waited for a few days to post this because the fact that this neo-nazi creep was in a white nationalist hate band is of very little consequence but because CNN lacks fact checkers and the representative from the Anti-Defamation League seemed to just be spouting off names the metalcore band Hatebreed has been associated with this hate music. If you have not listened to Hatebreed I can tell you that they are not a white nationalist hate band, far from it. CNN later removed Hatebreed from the story and apologized but lets face it, all of the people who do not understand metal heard the name and will now associate it with this psychopath and his action.

Heavy metal music whether traditional, black, death, metalcore, may have some questionable lyrics but they do not spread white nationalist hate and single out specific races, nationalities, sexual orientations. Sure, some bands take some liberties into these realms and some feel the need to preach their beliefs but nothing like the white power hate bands. Believe me when I tell you this, I have heard these hate bands while doing research for my master’s degree, they spread hate and filth throughout their lyrics and stage acts. Not to mention that most of them are really bad musicians and the music is barely listenable. But that is not why these hate groups make the music, they make it as recruiting tools for their cause and to bring young lost children to their fold who use the aggression and violence of this music to bond and be brainwashed by these white power ideas.

Call it music if you like but what hate music really is, is a recruiting tool for maniacs and narcissists to bring disenfranchised youth into their fold. It is propaganda as much as a neo-nazi flyer on a building or left on your car at the mall. These white power groups are looking for the impressionable youth who have lost their way and are looking for something to connect to, this music is that connection and once they find it they are lost. True heavy metal and hardcore also serve this type of audience in the disenfranchised youth and the lost souls, but it gives them an outlet of fantasy and a break from the trials and troubles of their lives. Where heavy metal and hardcore use metaphors and hyperbole to convey a feeling or an idea, white power music uses pure hate when they spew their ideology throughout their music.

We have to be aware that there is this kind of music out there and that the people who question what we listen to understand that the heavy metal and hardcore that we love has nothing to do with these hate bands and the white nationalist movement. Let people know that what these hate groups are doing is espousing hate and intolerance through propaganda and not music. None of these hate bands has anything to offer the mainstream and that is why they live in the underground, do not let them come up to the surface, fight them off like the rats that they are.

It is really a shame that Hatebreed had to be associated with these vermin even for a second. I worry that the next time a kid wants to go to a Hatebreed show their parents refuse to let them because of what they heard being broadcast by CNN. I think the band should have come out bigger and louder for a true response from CNN and the ADL but the less publicity these hate groups get the better for all of us.

It really is a shame that in the wake of this tragedy we would have to worry about something as trivial as defending heavy metal and hardcore music. But the ineptitude of CNN and the ADL have really left no choice. Most people understand that the music we listen to have nothing to do with these hate bands, but there is going to be a population that only hears what they want to hear.

I can only offer condolences and support to the victims of the Sikh Temple shooting and hope that one day they heal. I can also celebrate the heroes that emerged from this tragedy and make sure people know and understand who they are through this blog or any other way I can think of to support them. I hope all who read this will do the same thing and support them any way you can. Those of us who believe in the metal community and family know what true metal is and I am sure you will join me in my support of these amazing people. May the hate music/groups rot in hell where they belong!

Song of the Day: http://youtu.be/RTEyp7YHSyM

Until later, Peace!





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