Patience and Perseverance

Good day all,

The Randy Blythe saga continues on, according to reports from The Gauntlet it could be just a matter of days for Randy to be released from his Prague prison cell. That is great news and hopefully it will play out that way. As I have said before and will say again I also believe that Mr. Blythe is being held in a precarious situation on very flimsy evidence. But in fairness to the Czech legal system 1) I have no idea how their system works, 2) I have no idea what type of evidence they have against Mr. Blythe, I have watched the videos that The Guantlet has published, but I have no idea if there is more that we or The Gauntlet has seen or has not seen (not to take anything away from The Gauntlet, they have done outstanding work on this story and should be very proud of what they accomplished. Everyone should be reading their stuff). I know I have harped on the lack of information and support shown to Mr. Blythe by his own camp and I am going to do my best today to forgo talking about that and talk about something better.

YOU! You the fans that have been continuously spreading the word about Mr. Blythe’s situation. You the fans that have been tweeting, Facebooking, petition starting, rally having, who have done your absolute best to make sure everyone who needs to know, knows about Mr. Blythe’s saga. You should all be proud of what you have accomplished up to this point, your persistance has made the metal community take note and forced (at least them) to respond via interviews, concert shout outs etc… over this situation. The artists and bands know that you are out there in force supporting Mr. Blythe and the fact that they feel the need to respond to it is a testament to that fact. What we know is that the fight you have been fighting has not gone on deaf ears even though there really is no way of knowing what effect it has had on the situation. Whether the Czech authorities are hearing it is unknown, but what is known is this important topic that has spread because of your deeds and actions has not been unnoticed in the metal world, again you should be proud of yourselves!

Over the past 3 Weeks, 6 Days, 6 Hours, and 43 Minutes (thanks Ken and METAL BUZZ for the awesome counter, you all have been out in full force demanding answers. Your voice has been strong enough to have the situation noted by Eddie Trunk on his radio shows as well as many other radio shows that follow the hard rock and heavy metal scene. Sure the mainstream media hasn’t picked up the report but as far as I am concerned that is not the fault of Mr. Blythe’s supporters (if you don’t know my stand on this please read my past blog posts on this subject) but his own camp. You the common average, ordinary fan has no control over what the mainstream media is going to report on, but damned if you didn’t try to make this headline news.

Speaking of trying to make this headline news, I am also extremely impressed by the fact that none of Mr. Blythe’s supporters did anything stupid to try to gain more publicity for this situation. I always worried that someone was going to try something stupid to help out the cause and I am happy to know that didn’t happen. Sure a man being unfairly detained in a foreign prison is important, but not important enough to risk your life or the lives of others for, so it was nice to see that my fellow metal heads used their heads for banging and not stupidity.

There are many things that draw me to heavy metal, obviously the music and the style but also the people involved and my fellow metal fans. Over the past year I have been to a couple of concerts and it is nice to see that metal fans are more solid than I remember them being when I was a kid. Granted a lot of us are much older and just can’t handle the silly-ness of sophomoric behavior, but all in all the metal community is still a tight-knit family and that makes me proud. It is good to see that this family of metal is bringing their kids to concerts because they want their kids to share in the brotherhood that is metal. As I said before, I think all of you who raised their voice to this injustice should be proud and please do not stop, Mr. Blythe is still in jail and still needs your support, keep it going, sign the petition, tweet like crazy, call your congressman, do whatever you have to, but know that your efforts are being noticed.

A special shout out once again to The Gauntlet and METAL BUZZ for not allowing this issue to die and understanding what their fans and readers want!

 Song of the Day:

Until Later, Peace,



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