You Where Betrayed…Grieve!

Good day all,

Sorry, not a heavy metal post today but I have to get this off my chest.

Dear Penn State Fans,

Please stop! Please stop using ridiculous arguments to prove a point that just cannot be proved! Please stop commenting on the school that you love and let the realization set in that it will not be the same school that you remember it being in your grand old days as students. It’s gone, and because of this you are going through a grieving period. Accept that time to grieve and use it to find ways to cope with your grief, but please stop associating yourselves with asinine arguments about who is really responsible and straddling the fence between blaming the victims and blaming the system. The only people you should be angry with are the people from your university who betrayed you and betrayed your faith in an institution that lived in the hypocrisy of a motto of “win with honor”.  Jerry Sandusky first and foremost is the person who all of your vitriol should be aimed at, not the NCAA, not the Governor, not the Big Ten. Additionally, even though he is the “sainted one’ you should be angry with Joe Paterno, he betrayed you as well, he knew and even if you don’t believe he knew, he suspected there was a problem with his former defensive coordinator and he did nothing to stop him. Because Joe Paterno didn’t want to embarrass him? Seriously?! He didn’t want to embarrass a pedophile? That in of itself is why Joe Paterno should have retired decades ago, he had no clue how life outside of his football dynasty worked, and his family and staff facilitated in sheltering him.  You should be angry at the administration, Spanier, Curley, Schultz, these are the people who betrayed you, these are the people who broke your dreams of Penn State being an example of fidelity and true football greatness, stop trying to find others to blame, just grieve. The NCAA hit your school with a heavy penalty that will affect the university for years, stop complaining about it and accept it, it is not as important as the victims! The penalties are not fair to the current students at Penn State and that may be true, but there was no other way to show that there has to be something more important than football. If it where up to me I would have shut down all of the school’s athletic programs, because they seem to be more important than being a decent human being and they facilitate the deification of the university’s athletic leaders. Additionally, the statue had to come down. Stop hugging it and crying because the beloved “JoePa” will not be there forever in metal, again he knowingly allowed a pedophile to roam “his” campus for years after learning he was a problem. If you want to feel sorry for someone, stop feeling sorry for yourselves and think about the abuse the kids in the current athletic programs are going to go through when they visit other schools for games, matches and tournaments. If you think all fans are going to be kind to these kids you are obviously kidding yourselves. There is going to be incredible heckling, jokes, and probably stadium wide chants, these kids don’t deserve this. You are right when you say that the penalties are not fair to the current students, they should have been worse so these kids are not subject to the verbal and possible physical abuse that is destined to come their way because your university failed them, you and most importantly the victims of a man who should have been stopped years ago but the men in charge didn’t want to embarrass the program. Shame on them! I implore you once again; please work through your grief before you consider blaming anyone but Penn State University. Grieving is a process, please let it work.


6 thoughts on “You Where Betrayed…Grieve!

  1. As a former Penn State fan I really agree with what you said here. The reason why I pulled for them for so long was because of Joe Paterno. What he knew or didn’t know is still in question, but it is obvious he knew something and he didn’t do anything about Sandusky – that’s obvious.

    Has anyone noticed that the university just took these penalties and haven’t contested them? It makes me wonder how far this deception goes. Maybe the university knows a lot more went on so to accept is to basically get out in the clear.

    Nice post.

    • A, once again thanks for reading and commenting, I know I can always count on you! According to several media accounts of the sanctioning process the reason that PSU accepted the punishment is because the NCAA told them what to expect and also told them that if they were to consider appealing that they would institute the “Death Penalty” and take away football for a number of years. However, if PSU accepted the current sanctions without appeal then no “Death Penalty” would be used. Basically, the way I read it, is PSU would get the same sanctions either way because during appeal it would have probably had the “Death Penalty” rescinded and wound up with the penalty they will currently have to deal with and accepted. If that makes sense?

      • Total sense. I now understand why they didn’t appeal. I still wonder though if they know more and what may come out in the years to come.

        You live in PA right? What’s it like up there? Just curious.

      • Actually I am from Pittsburgh but I live in VA now, however, I will be in Pittsburgh this weekend for Mayhem Fest and I will be getting an idea of what the consensus is over the situation in PSU. My best friend is a huge PSU fan so it should be interesting getting his view on the sanctions. I will let you know when I return.

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