The Saga Continues

Good day all,

According to the awesome counter on the groundbreaking website Metalbuzz , Randy Blythe has been in jail for over 3 weeks and we still have not heard word one from his US-based attorneys or label or any other rep of Lamb of God, Mr. Blythe or their record label. However, the Czech press seems to have pretty great access to both Mr. Blythe and his representation in the Czech Republic. A new interview is posted on The Gauntlet website where the Mr. Blythes Prague based attorney states that the bail has been paid and Mr. Blythe should be released from prison and allowed to return to the US and continue touring. Which is great news for Mr. Blythe and the fans but I still find it both disappointing as well as surprising that his team has done nothing to bring Mr. Blythe’s saga to the American press and tweeting at Anderson Cooper or other personalities at CNN is not the same as a PR or Crisis Management campaign. Mr. Blythe’s fans and supporters should be proud of themselves and what they have done to shed light on Mr. Blythe’s situation to the public and really the first thing Mr. Blythe should do is thank his fans and supporters, the second thing he should do is ask his team where they have been for the past three weeks and why the US media is not reporting on him during every news cast. As we have all seen this is an US citizen who was detained under less than credible evidence and he sat in jail for 3 weeks, and please don’t blame the American government, if Mr. Blythe’s team couldn’t even get hs saga to the news media and outlets I doubt that they had access to a government official outside of the Prague Embassy, and if they did they failed at utilizing them properly. And yes I know this is all speculation, because Mr. Blythe’s team has released zero information over the past 3 weeks and his supporters have been basically working off of blind faith. But the proof is in the lack of attention that this story is getting. I have read some posts and tweets that if this were Justin Bieber it woould be on every news station in a constant rotation, and that is true, but do you know why? Not just because he is Justin Bieber but because his people would make sure that you didn’t forget the story. Similar to how they try to cover up bad publicity, these PR people know people and use them to their advantage, why not Mr. Blythe’s camp? I know I keep harping on this but the great support shown to Mr. Blythe by his fans and supporters should have been offset by the support from his team of lawyers, PR reps, marketing folks, and the label.I said it before and I will say it again, it must be lonely being Randy Blythe.

Until Later, Peace,



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