Randy Speaks!!!!! But Why No One Else?

Good day all,

I will make this brief and to the point as I am having ridiculous computer issues today, but the metal website Metal Injection has an interview done by Randy Blythe from prison in the Czech Republic of Prague. Seriously!? Randy Blythe was able to conduct an interview from a jail cell and his band mates, management, lawyers, support staff, etc… can’t even get his plight to the media? Folks, I just want you all to take a step back here and listen to what I am saying, how are we the supporters of Mr. Blythe supposed to blame the government for not doing anything for Mr.Blytrhe when we have no idea what they are or are not doing. The band and their camp have not come out to the public one way or another on what the US government is doing for Mr. Blythe, but I want to know what  Mr. Blythe’s reps, management etc…  are doing for Mr. Blythe. I mean seriously!? Why are the fans organizing petitions, rallies and all of the other grassroots campaigns when we don’t even know if his own band mates support him. The silence from the Lamb of God people in relation to Mr. Blythe is ridiculous and I hope when he is released from jail Mr. Blythe asks some serious questions about how his team handled this mess in the US while he was stuck in a Prague jail. I hope there are some real answers why people and companies with multi-million dollar PR and marketing firms have not been able to get this saga on the front page of newspapers or to the national news media via TV or radio. Hey fans and supporters of Randy Blythe if you want to keep these rallies and petitions going more power to you, but realize you are alone! I sure am glad I am not in Mr. Blythe’s position, it seems awfully lonely.

Here is the link to the Metal Injection story: http://www.metalinjection.net/latest-news/lamb-of-god-frontman-randy-blythes-first-interview-since-being-detained-in-the-czech-republic

Until Later, Peace,



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