The Sound of Silence

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I was tempted to use the blog today for a different story than the continuing saga of Randy Blythe, but seeing as this is the biggest topic in heavy metal I think it would be more appropriate for me to continue on this path. I spent some time both over the weekend and today looking at the stories about the Randy Blythe issue and I have come to find that not much news has changed since we learned Thursday of last week that Mr. Blythe is scheduled to be in court again this coming Thursday the 19 of July. Additionally I have spent some time checking out the social media pages of the other members of Lamb of God as well as their record company, and it just seems to me like they are all moving on with their lives like nothing is going on. Even the bands Twitter feed hasn’t really been updated, their last tweet was 13 July, that would be last Friday and that was just a link to the story about the bail hearing.

I find all of this very interesting. I wrote on Friday how the silence from the band, the lawyers, and the record company seemed a bit odd, and that I feel as fans who are supporting Mr. Blythe that we deserve some answers in regards to our support, but now I find it even more confusing that Mr. Blythe’s fellow band members are not speaking out in any way to support Mr. Blythe or even share any information from or about him. If the singer of my band was incarcerated falsely in a foreign prison I would be doing everything in my power to not only bring the issue to the media, but helping him as much as I could. Additionally, I would be informing the fans how they can help and I would be visible and out front so that the fans knew they counted. Instead, there has been at least one rally in the hometown of the band and no one who represents Mr. Blythe showed up, and there is a scheduled rally on the 22 of July at the US Supreme Court building in DC (which to me is an odd choice for a rally, why not the State Department building?) and I have not seen an announcement that anyone from the band or a representative will be there.

I really do find it both peculiar and amazing that there is complete silence from the other band members and Mr. Blythe’s camp. Even if the United States government was involved and asked them not to make any comments that could jeopardize Mr. Blythe’s case or the diplomatic path of  the government, I would think they would be saying something in support of their band member. If they are going to remain active on their social media sites, then one would expect that they would be vehemently defending their band mate against these charges. I know I would. Just to be clear I have zero knowledge of what the band was instructed by their representation, but I find it hard to believe they told them to continue on with their lives as if nothing happened, and I find it hard to believe they would have followed this order, but maybe they did.

Mr. Blythe’s lawyers and representatives have not even come out and gave the cursory, “Randy really appreciates your support, Please keep it coming” we are hearing nothing. Even the bands “Official” Twitter feed hasn’t spoken of Mr. Blythe’s innocence, just links to petitions and articles about the story. Why is no one standing up for Mr. Blythe and saying “This is completely unfair, we were there and we know he did nothing wrong. This is injustice at its highest and it needs to stop”? Is there something that they have been instructed not to say? And if that is the case and you do not want the band or anyone associated with them to say the wrong thing you would keep them away from social media completely, don’t you think? But that is not what is happening, don’t take my word for it go out and look for yourself. Not one of the band members is saying anything of relevance in Mr. Blythe’s defense and that worries me. Am I really supporting an innocent man or is there WAY more to this than we know and that is why they are keeping silent?

I don’t know, if it where my band mate, and I have to believe someone who is like a brother, I would be screaming from the tops of mountains to bring his plight to the media. I would be in every magazine, on every television station, and radio station proclaiming my support. I would also be letting my fans know of the appreciation for the support in these times. But maybe that is just me, maybe the LoG people do it differently. But as I said before this lack of silence and attention from the people who are closest to Mr. Blythe is really starting to worry me.

Until later, Peace,



3 thoughts on “The Sound of Silence

  1. It all seems strange. I am like you, wondering why we haven’t heard more or more from his band mates. I’ve been to the Czech Republic many times and it doesn’t seem like the kind of place that is so behind the times that people won’t get a fair shake. I just don’t understand what is happening over there. Good post, keep up the updates.

  2. It could be a simple matter of the attorneys, those for Blythe’s legal defense as well as those who represent the label and the band, telling the band members to lay low and keep quiet. I’m sure some of them are quite upset and concerned, but giving out interviews and making online statements isn’t necessarily going to be of benefit right now.

    There’s a large amount of speculation and rumor swirling about online, as well as some very ignorant, ridiculous comments about Mr. Nosek and the Czech Republic, so it would tend to be preferable to not say anything, however innocuous, that could be used in the proceedings against Mr. Blythe. Some of the statements about the show do seem to indicate that Blythe had some physical interaction with Nosek, as did security guards.

    From an interview with Blythe, he claims not to even recall the event in question, so at this point it’s best for his legal defense to determine what exactly happened, what role Blythe played in it, gain access to any substantiated footage of the show and eyewitness testimony about the incident and any possible interaction with him and Nosek, and go from there.

    • @GB, First thanks for reading and leaving a comment! I agree with you that the band was probably told not to make any public statements specifically about the case against Randy. That being said, that does not stop them from showing support by speaking up on Twitter with post like supporting Randy from afar” instead of updates on their dates and NASCAR races. Sure life has to go on for them but like I said if it were my band mate in prison the way Randy is there would be nothing and no one who could stop me from speaking and showing my support. Showing up at a rally and saying “I support Randy and look forward to him coming home, thanks to the fans for their support” isn’t going to hurt Randy’s case, and if it does then they have much bigger problems! Additionally, Lamb of God’s management, lawyers and record company all have PR and crisis management firms on retainer for this exact reason. Whether it is good publicity or bad this is what these people are paid for, if you want the US government involved in Randy’s case then these are the people who are going to do it, not grassroots campaigns from fans, although I do not want to discourage fan support as I think that is important as well, but these firms can and should have had Randy all over the news and internet but they haven’t. What I want to know is why? It seems that the lawyers in the Prague are able to get interviews out with Randy as well as being interviewed themselves, why isn’t this happening in the US? Whey is Randy’s US representation being so quite? That leads me to believe that they may not totally believe in their client, or his situation. I honestly believe that if Randy’s people wanted his saga on the national news and radio and Internet then t would be, they are not doing that for a reason and the silence, at least to me is deafening.

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