Some Answers, Please?

Good day all,

Before I get into today’s topic I want to say that yes, I still feel that Mr. Randy Blythe is getting a raw deal in Prague and if nothing else charges should be brought against him if he is to continue to be detained or they should release him on the bond that has been agreed to by the courts. That being said, I have zero knowledge of how the Czech Republic legal system works. My issue now is why haven’t we heard anything from the Lamb of God camp, the record company, the lawyers for Mr. Blythe?

Here is why I ask this, we as fans of Mr. Blythe have been asked to keep pressure on the United States Government, the US Embassy in Prague, the local and national news media, but do we really know why? As far as I can see it in social media, and the little news that is covering this story (that being the local Richmond news stations), Mr. Blythe’s fans and fans of Lamb of God have started a grassroots campaign to help get attention to his saga as well as support from around the music industry, but how is this helping? And if it is helping how are we supposed to know? I don’t believe we have heard word one from the LoG camp about how this support has bolstered Mr. Blythe’s case, or even the cursory “Hey, Randy knows you are all supporting him and he appreciates it” from the lawyers or people who have spoken to him. Yesterday The Guantlet released a story that Mr. Blythe’s wife was able to visit him and she spoke to the media afterward, not one mention of the fan support given to him. I find that odd and a little disheartening.

The other thing I find odd is there has been very little national news coverage on this story even though I know that Mr. Blythe’s fans have been doing everything in their power to bring this story to the attention of the national news media. How many tweets have you seen asking you to forward a demand about this story to a national media outlet. Don’t try to count, it’s a lot. But where is the record company and the lawyers for Mr. Blythe? They both have PR people who could be lobbying to the news stations and national media to pick up this story, but curiously they are not. Why? We the people following this story are under the belief that the US government is not doing anything to support Mr. Blythe in Prague, but if we don’t hear that from their camp how can we know that for sure. At least the US Embassy in Prague released a statement acknowledging they are aware of the situation and are pursuing it, that is more than we have heard from Mr. Blythe’s people throughout this whole ordeal.

As I said in the beginning of the post and I will reiterate here, I believe that Mr. Blythe is getting a raw deal, but I am not completely sure that is true because no one will really tell us anything. Mr. Blythe’s legal team, record company, band mates have far more money than we do to hire a firm to bring this issue to the attention of the appropriate people, why haven’t they done this? I believe we deserve some answers to these questions, especially those of us who contributed to his legal fund. Mr. Blythe’s band mates and legal team solicited funds from their fans and friends and I believe because of this we have the right to have questions answered. If you want me to be a stakeholder in his defense then like any stakeholder I deserve answers. All who contributed to this fund deserve to know if the money is being used in the appropriate manner and the appropriate manner may be getting the attention to this story by any means possible within the law.

For the third time, I support Mr. Blythe but the lack of attention that his team is bringing to this story outside of the heavy metal world is a little surprising to me. It is not like Lamb of God is a minor artist on a large landscape, they are one of the biggest selling groups in heavy metal, hell, they are arguably creating a new landscape for metal. I believe that we as supporters of Mr. Blythe deserve at least a little information from the Lamb of God camp as to what is really happening in Prague. The US Government isn’t going to comment, outside of what has already been released by the US Embassy in Prague, but I can’t see any reason for Mr. Blythe’s lawyers to let us, as supporters know what, if anything the US Government is doing to support Mr. Blythe. Remember, they asked us to support the legal fund of Mr. Blythe, because of that I think we deserve some answers.

Finally, I don’t want what I am saying here to dissuade people from continuing their support of Mr. Blythe or the campaigns they have started in support of him. From what I can see throughout social media and the metal news sources Mr. Blythe and Lamb of God should be appropriately impressed and humbled by the support that has been given to them. So keep up the great work and if you believe in Mr. Blythe continue to hound the news media and government, I just want some answers so we are not all wasting our time.

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4 thoughts on “Some Answers, Please?

  1. I’ve been following Randy’s situation…if you can call it following…as well. Your right 100%, we really arent being told anything other than generic run of the mill info that would be said and has been said any other time an artist is jailed in a foreign country. I don’t know how many people are aware of this, but Randy submitted himself for a the presidential candidacy. Although its ridiculous and theres virtually no chance of him getting anywhere even close to the presidency, maybe its more politically based in our own gov’t than we think. I mean if a prisoner is detained in a foreign country who also happens to be a presidential candidate, wouldn’t it make sense to slow down the process of his release to slow down his campaign? Maybe the higher ups dont want people wasting their votes.

    Another possibility to consider is the believablity that randy is innocent. I mean, if a 18 year old hiker gets arrested for “spying” then we obviously knows he/shes innocent, they were hiking. But take the vocalist of a metal band and say he murdered someone…Thats a bit more beliveable. We being his fans know thats preposterous, but an everyday person who probably think, “This guy is in a metal band, a genre which deals in death and violence more than any other genre. Maybe it is true, maybe he did kill someone.” It would certainly make more sense to the oblivious average joe as opposed to a dedicated metal head who heard this story.

    The most we can do is support Randy and hope he ends up innocent and sent back to America, but there are plenty of factors that could be at work in why this case hasnt been made headline news. and because of that, it’s more or less a good thing that only the people who care to find out whats happening are supporting. If it was suddenly made public news, then it could do anything from start a huge social issue to ruin the name of LoG. Ive donated to Randy’s fund a couple times now, sacrificing money i don’t need that i HOPE is helping, but we won’t know until the forces at work let us know, and that makes me cringe inside. Thanks again for a great article 🙂

    • I appreciate your points, and one or all of them could be correct, I just think if you are going to ask for money from your fans and supporters for your defense then they have the right to know what is going on or even if the support is helping. Additionally, I think it is shortsighted to blame the US government for not acting when Mr. Blythe’s camp isn’t saying one way or another that they are doing anything. Finally, the PR machine that is LoG’s PR and marketing staff and lawyers could have had this as front page news at any time and they haven’t, I want to know why that is, why are his band mates tweeting about “date night” and NASCAR races instead of “Randy is innocent”? I know they can’t stop their lives but saying “I don’t feel comfortable commenting on the situation”? Really? Something does not seem right here.

      By the way, I have stopped by your blog a couple of times and find what you guys are doing to be really great, keep up the good work. \m/

      • thanks for the compliment 🙂 we try our best, and likewise to you, its not very often you come across a politically minded metal headed, so its a nice break to read your opinions about Randy’s case and the like instead of album reviews and musician critiques.

        and again, i agree that we should really be told something, but the silence can be taken in any number of ways. Its a shame things like this are out of our control. If it were up to me i’d go to prague and demand to know the facts from Randy himself, obviously hoping and trusting hes innocent, but we dont for sure.

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