Blythe Saga

Good day all,

I have to wonder where the US government is in the Randy Blythe saga. There has been plenty of evidence brought forth showing that he is at least not directly responsible for the audience member’s death. Additionally, Mr. Blythe wasn’t even charged by prosecutors but by the police. Sitting in a Prague prison for 10 or more days is inexplicable by any stretch. If this was a student hiker from the US who was illegally detained it would be non-stop news on CNN and Fox news channels.

But since Randy is the lead singer of a metal band it doesn’t even seem to be an issue that is being discussed by the mainstream media (in fairness I am on vacation without cable access but I have not seen anything via the mainstream media internet sites). The fact that there is an American citizen being held in a foreign country under less than solid evidence seems like a failure of our government to protect ALL of their citizens.

IF I were an American metal band I would be very careful about going outside of the United States, especially the Czech Republic. Apparently your government doesn’t find you important enough.

Let’s also remember that Daniel Nosek is the real victim. He was a metal fan and artist who lost his life whether through a bad decision or negligence of a security guard; a young member of the metal family lost his life. Free Randy, and for God’s sake US government get involved!

Until later, Peace,


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