AC in DC

Good day all,

Well tomorrow is almost here and it will be a great (if not unbelievably hot) evening for a concert. Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper will be gracing the DC area for their summer concert tour and man am I looking forward to it. I have a couple of my boys from Pittsburgh coming into town and we are going to have to help the bands melt this place down, if the sun doesn’t do it first. This will be my first time seeing Iron Maiden in concert, and I don’t really know why. Growing up Iron Maiden was not one of the bands that I had to see but I don’t remember them coming to town although I am sure they did. Alice Cooper on the other hand I have seen a lot and I try to never miss him. Trust me when I tell you that Alice Cooper is one of the greatest metal performances you will ever see. He does things on stage that make the whole night worth the price of admission. My only hope is that he does more of his older stuff and stays away from material from Welcome 2 My Nightmare , love Alice, but not my favorite album, I tend to shy away from auto-tune. But no matter what I am looking forward to this show and partying out with my boys from the ‘burgh and my buddies here in DC, oh yea and all the other metal heads that will be sharing the heat and the atmosphere with us. So I hope everyone has a great weekend and if you have the chance to see this tour just go ahead and do it!!!! You won’t be sorry. I will be tweeting as much as possible from the show so give me a follow at @icheavy on Twitter.

Song(S) of the day in honor of the arrival of Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper:

Iron Maiden:

Old School Alice Cooper:

Until later, Peace!



One thought on “AC in DC

  1. I got to see them on opening night and it was a fabulous show. Alice did about seven songs and it was a decent mix. Check out my review on it.

    There are set list spoilers so if you haven’t found out what it is yet, be warned. It was a great show and hot there as well. I think it is going to be worse in DC.

    Cooper sounded great, but Maiden had sound issues. I think they don’t have the right mix and they try to crank it too loud instead of trying to just make it loud enough for us to hear.

    I had a blast. I’m sure you will to. Stay cool.

    There’s also a podcast my buddy Jimmy did for it as well at

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