Its a Long Way to the Top if You Want to be a Legend

Good morning all,

Note: I have not had a chance to write a new post so I thought I would re-post this from a while back. It still seems very appropriate and some may not have had the chance to read when it was originally posted.

Not long ago I wrote a post about bands who change singers and the sound of the band is so different that I felt they should change their names because they just weren’t the same band. One of the bands I failed to mention who actually achieved the opposite was AC/DC. They were a succesful band with Bon Scott at the helm and continued that success when Brian Johnson took over. This omission then got me thinking about the legacy of AC/DC, where do they fit in the often talked about Greatest Band Ever conversation? Do they measure up to the big three, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin?

Personally I believe they do, lets face it when you look at those three bands, and especially The Rolling Stones who have continuily been putting out new music AC/DC could arguably be better all around. AC/DC has sixteen albums released over a span of 33 years and are still going strong. To date they are the highest grossing band of all time and they are a mainstay of the heavy metal/hard rock world. One could say that AC/DC has never made a bad album, sure they have missed on some songs but looking at the overall albums put out by the band, they have always had at least one hit. One could also say that they have not changed their sound in those 33 years and any song could be on any album, but I am not sure that is a bad thing. Bands have a sound that they master and stick with, you can’t tell me that the Stones have changed that much in sound throughout the years. The Beatles and Zeppelin also had similar sounds to their music (minus the White Album) and stuck with what made them popular, but again the difference is that AC/DC has been able to carry on and produce hits from every album.

When do we stop looking into the past for the Greatest Ever when quite possibly they are right here today still producing great music? Is it a sin to say that Zeppelin or the Beatles are not the legends of our ggggeneration? Is it blasphemous to think that another band could take the gauntlet from these legends? AC/DC in my humble opinion has done more for music as we know it today than the Beatles or Zeppelin or the Stones have done. Tell me what you think? Am I way off base? Am I disrespecting the past? Does AC/DC deserve to be known as The Greatest?

In honor of AC/DC the song of the day:   Get your air bagpipes out.

Until Later, Peace,



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