Aggresive Calm

Good day all,

I have spoken in the past about the virtues of heavy metal and all things associated with this genre of music. As I have stated over and over again, I love this music and couldn’t comprehend life without it, sure I would get by, but it would be a bit boring don’t you think? One of the many virtues that I have found that heavy metal has is its ability to relax me when I am stressed, or motivate me when I need motivation. I live and work in the Washington DC area and if you have any familiarization with the area you know that you can’t go anywhere around here without some type of traffic. The traffic in this area is so bad that they build and expand on roads to alleviate traffic only to make it worse. Even going to the grocery store right across the street from my neighborhood could take a half of an hour. So needless to say after the stress of work, the stress of traffic comes right on its heels.

For me however, that is where the beauty and aggression of heavy metal comes in to sooth the savage beast. Sure a lot of people look at the aggression of heavy metal and use it to pump themselves up, and when at the gym I do that as well, but when I am sitting in traffic I have heavy metal to calm me down and help me leave the stress of work behind. As my truck moves inch by inch in the traffic you can probably peer in my window and see me singing at top volume (or if my windows are opened hear me, in which case I apologize) with my hand tapping to the beat and possibly my head banging in the air.

When I am rocking down the road at 10 mph it does not matter what type of metal I am listening to as long as I can play it loud. The symbiosis between me and my metal during my drive to or from work is pure and uncompromised. One thing that is for sure is that when I am playing my music in my car, in traffic,  I never have road rage. The music itself is the outlet for moronic drivers that I need. When I think about it, having the loud, fast, and aggressive music on during my drives almost makes me a better person, if not a better driver. The music takes away my angst and makes me a more conscientious driver. I had not thought of that before but it is true. That being the case maybe everyone should listen to heavy metal in their cars and we would have a lot less road rage incidents on our highways.

Driving is not the only place that I need metal in my life either. Both professionally and for a hobby I do a lot of writing and the one thing that is a must have when I am writing is my metal. My wife finds it amazing that I can concentrate with Slayer, Fear Factory, Testament, etc… playing in the background while I write, but without that music in the atmosphere I cannot concentrate at all. I know it seems weird that my ability to concentrate is directly related to having music on, and there are studies that say I shouldn’t be able to do this, you can Google them, but the fact remains, no music, no concentration for me.

So, I think for the safety of all of the people on the American highways that we all should be listening to heavy metal on our drive home. This would most likely solve the majority of road rage problems as we could let the aggressiveness of the music be the release for our own aggression and in turn reduce the amount of accidents on the highway. Additionally, an added benefit to the proper release of this angst and aggression will make us happier people when we do finally make it home to our families. Just think with the help of heavy metal everyone’s home lives could be just a little bit better. Heavy Metal, the ultimate stress reliever (FINE PRINT: No actual scientific studies have been done to support this hypothesis!)

Until Later, Peace,



One thought on “Aggresive Calm

  1. I second everything you said in this post. Metal is a great stress relief. After tearing it up listening to whoever, you find yourself satisfied and exhausted – a feeling of relief.

    Nice post.

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