Children of the Damned

Good day all,

I have found that as a father I try to get my son to try to enjoy everything that I like. As a realist I know that is not always going to happen and that my son will find his own way and the things that he likes and dislikes in his life. But what I also know is that I have to try to guide him and help him find new things to try and I have to try and be fair and allow him to have the opportunity to sample all of the varieties of life. Understand, my son is only 4 years old and all of this may change as he grows up, but I will do my best to fill my son’s life with positive experiences for as long as I can and help him make the decisions on what he likes and dislikes throughout his life, and this includes music. One thing that I know for sure is that I have not exposed him to enough music so far in his life. Sure, he loves to sing and dance to his favorite songs on his favorite TV shows, or the songs he learns in pre-school but I am talking about really getting him into music. Part of the reason I have not done this is partly my fault and partly the fault of the automobile manufacturers. Why would I blame the automobile manufacturers? Simple, TVs and video players in cars!

I grew up in the late 70’s into the mid 80’s and one thing that was a constant in our house and especially in our cars was that the radio was always on and whenever we where in the car we were being exposed to music. Hell, my parents even had a portable 8-track tape player that they took with us on camping trips (and if you don’t know what an 8-track tape is Google it). I remember whenever my brother and I were in the car with my mother the radio was always playing and my mother (and sometimes my brother and I) singing all the way to and from wherever we were going. That doesn’t happen today, now as soon as the car is started the video player starts rolling and my son is engrossed in whatever show he is watching at the time. Luckily my son picks up on any song that the show has and will remember it and sing it constantly, he has a genuine fondness for music and it shows when that is what he remembers from his shows, but I have to nurture that love of music as well, especially if I want him to carry the mantle of metal forward.

That is the important part about all of this, if we want our music to continue to grow and become a mainstay of society we have a responsibility as metalheads to introduce our children to our music and help them cultivate an appreciation for it. Now, I am not condoning subjecting them to death metal or anything that may be inappropriate for kids but there is plenty of metal out there that I would allow my son to listen to at this age. It would probably be on the tamer side like Queensryche, most Judas Priest, a lot of Alice Cooper, Ozzy etc… and maybe some select songs from other bands but the point is it is my responsibility as my son’s father to introduce him to this music and let him make the choice from there.

So I say to all of my fellow metalheads with children, turn off the video players and TVs and get your kids into the metal movement. Help them find the appreciation for all things metal like you have and help keep the metal alive for generations to come. Think about the effect you can have on your child’s musical taste and how when they get older they can pass on that love of all things metal to their own children and so on and so on. If we do our part we could bring metal back to the top of the music world like it was when we were younger. Plus, do we really want our children to listen to Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus? I think not!

Sorry , but computer issues have sidelined the Song of the Day for awhile.

Until Later, Peace,



One thought on “Children of the Damned

  1. I was talking to my friend a few days ago about something a little similar. We were talking about how our sons (his just born – mine on the way) won’t get a chance to see the artists we love in concert. By the time they get to be old enough to appreciate it most of these bands will probably be long gone. It’s a shame. I think a lot of kids growing up now are going to miss out on so much. Man, I’m starting to sound like my parents.

    Great post. Keeping metal alive is always a great thing.

    Did you happen to see Dee Snider doing that Stanley Steemer commercial? Pathetic.

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