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Remember when heavy metal was a genre of its own and sub-genres didn’t exist yet? For most of you that is probably a big no, you probably don’t remember a time before sub-genres. There is nothing wrong with sub-genres, it makes my life easier, I know I don’t like grindcore, porncore, horrorcore, etc…but I do know that I like thrash! Thrash is somewhat of a sub-genre of traditional heavy metal, they took the hooks and galloping beats of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and added some of the speed and social consciousness of hardcore and punk. I still have the memory of the first time I heard Metallica’s Master of Puppets , I was about 13 years old, I was just about to cut my neighbors grass and I put this album in my Walkman and started cutting. It was one of the most amazing musical experiences I have ever had, the speed and aggression of that album transformed how I looked at music from that day forward. That is how powerful that album was on me, that memory is still fresh in my mind and that was many, many years ago.  I was hooked on thrash and did everything I could to absorb this music. I still listened to traditional heavy metal but thrash was my new passion, and luckily for me it was my friend’s favorite as well.

Recently the thrash mainstays are the big four; Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax, all have put out some decent albums as of late, Anthrax may have put out the best thrash album in years in Worship Music, and I am also a big fan of Death Magnetic and World Painted Blood. I have kind of given up  on Megadeth and Dave Mustaine because to me, they are producing the same album every year, complaining about the government and how hard Dave’s life has been because of substance abuse. Really! there are no less than two songs per Megadeth album that deal with Dave’s rough life due to substance abuse. Not to mention that the born again Mustaine won’t tour or associate with bands that give off any type of satanic vibe, I guess unless there is a big four tour and Slayer is on the bill. Last time I checked they had some familiarization with satan. But I guess if Dave can make money his hypocrisy can stretch a little.

Anyway, there is a ton of great thrash from the 80’s and 90’s and even more today. One of the hotbeds of thrash, Germany, has produced some fantastic bands and some of the fore-fathers of the thrash movement. Kreator, Destruction, Sodom, and Exumer. These bands helped build thrash to what it is today and they are still going strong, I have heard the single from the upcoming Kreator album and it is fantastic! Additionally, Exumer’s latest release Fire and Damnation is an excellent thrash album that fits with their original sound but still stands up with any of the other bands of today. Mortal Sin is another band that recently got back together, and has since broken up, but everyone should check out their 2011 album Psychology of Death, if Anthrax hadn’t put out Worship Music the same year, Mortal Sin may have had the thrash album of the year, it is that good!

The one thing that I love about thrash is for the most part it has stayed consistent and true to what it has been since it’s inception in the late 70’s to early 80’s and that is aggressive, in your face, powerful music. The trash scene and bands have stuck with the formula that has worked over the years and they have not tried to out do themselves like some of the other genres in metal (I am looking at you metalcore and death metal), it is not about being more outrageous than the next band, it is about putting out aggressive, and powerful sounds. Bands like Metallica have taken a detour from the thrash scene to become more, shall we say, marketable, but they are back as well as the scene is back to the forefront of metal. Plus bands like Holy Grail and Bonded By Blood are doing a great job of keeping thrash fresh and original. In celebration of thrash, I think everyone should go out and buy at least one thrash album today, I think I will pre-order the new Kreator.

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One thought on “Metal Thrashin’…

  1. Good post. Funny you say that about Metallica because one of my earlier experiences was with a Walkman and a Metallica tape of Master of Puppets. I guess it goes to show how influential that album was.

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