False Idols

Good day all,

I decided to write a quick post to carry everyone over the Memorial Day Holiday. Trust me this will be quick, but before I start please remember during your Bar-B-Ques and parties to remember all of those that gave their lives in service to our country. Also, take a minute and thank all of the current men and women in the United States Armed Forces and their families for all of their sacrifices.

Now on to today’s topic; over the past few days since the American Idol finale I have seen a multitude of websites discussing the winner and the runner-up and having discussions on whether or not one is worthy over another. Personally, I do not watch American Idol, my wife does and she passes on information about the show to me, but I would love to see some more hard rock/heavy metal come out of that show. I know what I am asking is ridiculous because the majority of people who watch the show are the teeny-bopper 11-15 year old girls and their mothers and these are the people who are voting (plus my lovely and intelligent wife). But the point is with the addition of the X-Factor, The Voice, and now Duets the talent/singing show is starting to be a bit over saturated. Seriously, just look at heavy metal and the amount of quality bands that are out there and tell me that a talent show that tries to narrow down, out of thousands, one good singer and it allows the public to vote on the winner. The public has no clue how to judge talent, there is a reason that the same type of singer always wins every year, because that is what the public is programmed to like. Just listen to any top 40 radio station around the country. If the public had any ability to choose an outstanding singer, Justin Bieber would not be selling as many albums as he does.

I remember back a few years ago they had a singing competition called Rockstar: INXS which was a singing competition to find the band INXS a new lead singer due to the death of Micheal Hutchence. This to me was a unique show because it allowed the band a vote in the final member and it was for a purpose. The band was there to help decide who had the right voice for what they where trying to do and that included instruments, a real rock band as back up and a constant live audience. They eventually selected J.D. Fortune as the new lead singer and they went on to put out an album and a tour, but that is beside the point. The point, at least for me is they had a great formula and used it the way it should be used. Once again they used a real rock band for every episode, they had the band looking for the new singer in-house to critique and give advise on how they are hearing the singer and how they need to adapt to fill the role as their lead singer, and by the way they all sang rock songs. So this show premiered back in the summer of 2005 and did OK in the ratings, but the formula was smart and because of that there was a second season and a new search for a lead singer.

The second season was much less popular, which was surprising because of the band/people involved. The new season in the summer of 2006 was to front the new supergroup formed by Jason Newstead, Tommy Lee and Gilby Clarke. As one can imagine this caused the contestants to be more on the heavy metal side of music and once again that was great for the metal scene as a whole, but also because the formula remained the same and you actually were able to see what the performer would sound like fronting a band instead of fronting a pre-recorded sound mix. Again, this season was not as popular and they did not promote it like the first season, but it still was more of a proper talent show/audition than American Idol or any of the other shows will ever be.

Obviously a show like Rockstar: INXS / Supernova could not go on forever, I mean how many bands out there really have time to search for a singer this way. Hey wait, maybe Slash and Duff and Matt could have a show like this to find the new lead singer of Velvet Revolver, I mean it has taken a long time. But I digress, as far as I am concerned Rockstar proves why American Idol and the shows like it are currently allowing for mediocre talent to prevail and have become irrelevant to the music landscape . We need shows that showcase the real talent behind music and that only comes from having talented musicians and singers on the show. We need a new rock/metal version of one of these shows to show the rest how it is done. I know some are going to say that having a TV show to find metal talent just isn’t metal, and you may be right, but as far as I am concerned it would be great entertainment, if done right, or maybe not!

Song of the Day: http://youtu.be/UBYxpsg9fCg

Until Later, Peace and have a great Memorial Day Holiday



3 thoughts on “False Idols

  1. Poor sap…so you fell for it. Rock Star: INXS was a setup with the guy who goes by the stage name J.D. FORTUNE being the winner all along. Many fans of INXS realize in the ’80’s that Michael Hutchence tried to pawn off the female singer who went by the stage name Flame FORTUNE on everyone. I would hate to have to point out the similarities in stage name. Now, you might ask if the other competitions are setup as well with a winner already chosen. I will let you figure that our for yourself.

    • First, thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment. I sort of don’t understand what you are implying with the Flame Fortune link to JD Fortune, unless she was his mother and INXS thought they had some type of debt to her? But either way that was not my point, my point was that when done correctly a show could properly display the talents of artists without all of the unnecessary fluff unlike American Idol and the other shows. It takes a hard rock/metal show to show the rest how to do it properly. Additionally, I would find it hard to believe that Mark Burnett and his production company would spend the time and money to stage a competition that has already been decided by the band. Especially when the show was on in the summer and the ratings where not going to be anything but stellar. It would seem like a significant waste of time and money for a show where the fix is in, but I guess anything is possible, and maybe Mark Burnett needed a tax shelter.

      • No, Flame Fortune was not J.D. Fortune’s mother. They are stage names and I chose J.D.’s stage name when I met him in about 1996 as Michael Hutchence decided to bail on the band. Tim Farriss made the decision on the television show Rock Star: INXS named for a song I wrote called Rockstar performed by Nickelback, maybe you have heard of it. After Tim decided to hold the competition at Paramour Mansion, I named a band Paramore and wrote the song Decode. Mark Burnett is nothing more than a “puppet” in the world of television. You are forgetting that Bob Geldof had his own production company and one in which put on The Big Breakfast with his wife Paula Yates. Yates being the same woman who supposedly had an affair with Hutchence. Maybe you are saying to yourself, well that was in England. There is a reason there is not only an American Idol but also a UK Idol. I am responsible for the concept and name of the shows. My contributions to television and films date back to 1983 and am responsible for the slogan “I Want My MTV” and for Miami Vice produced by Michael Mann.

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