The Drummer Cried

Good day all,

Well it looks like the Black Sabbath soap opera is going to continue for the long-term and it doesn’t look like there will be any resolution to get all four original members together for a reunion. As I am sure you have all read Black Sabbath, or more appropriately someone who works for them have removed Bill Ward’s images from the band’s website. This was done, according to Geezer Butler’s blog post, at the request of Bill Ward and not as a response to him not joining them on the tour and album. Either way it doesn’t matter, and I have read that a lot of people do not believe that Bill Ward asked for this, but after reading what he has released to fans  it would not surprise me that he asked for his picture to be removed to further escalate the pressure on Black Sabbath.

Why would he do this? Easy, like any good divorce you are looking for leverage and a way to take advantage of a situation. Notice that after the pictures were altered that Geezer came out with a statement about the pictures but Mr. Ward who released a rebuttal to Geezer’s statement never mentions his removal from the pictures only that he has had no contact with the band. According to various media sources Mr. Ward’s fans have created a Facebook page trying to get Black Sabbath to bring him back, received a big boost in numbers after his image was removed from the Black Sabbath website. It is all PR and both sides are using it toward their own advantage. Like I said earlier, just like a good divorce. I have no idea how big Mr. Ward’s fan base is, unless someone is talking about original Black Sabbath I never really think of him. I remember back in the mid to late 80’s he put out a solo album and Ozzy did the vocals for the only single that was released from that album. But I think Mr. Ward may possibly have an inflated idea about how large his support may be. But again, that is just supposition as Mr. Ward may have a huge fan base that I just don’t know about. Not unusual for a drummer in a band to be extremely popular. 

Black Sabbath made the correct decision, in my opinion, by moving on and playing the Birmingham (Homecoming) gig this past weekend. It allowed for more positive images of the band playing live on a smaller stage and allowing their fans to see that they are back and can rock a show similar to the old days. I always find it interesting how excited we all have become over the thoughts of Black Sabbath being back together and touring and most importantly putting out an album. I hope for the sake of the album and tour that Tony’s health improves, but after years of hearing Ozzy playing solo and Tony putting out albums under the Black Sabbath banner, do we expect anything but a Ozzy album with special guests Geezer Butler and Tony Iommi? Let’s face it without Bill Ward it really is half of the Ozzy Osbourne band and half of Black Sabbath. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to the new album, but if it doesn’t get made, I will not be that disappointed, I still have their past work to keep me going.

All divorces are messy, it hurts everyone involved at least a little bit. You were married for a reason and when that love disappears, or at least the perception of love, it hurts no matter what. What you have to do is pick yourself up and move on, and that is what Bill Ward needs to do at this point. He has made it quite clear that he will not be involved unless he is respectfully compensated, fine, but you can’t complain when they decide to marry someone else. You have made your decision and will stand your ground, more power to you, but that doesn’t mean that Ozzy, Geezer and Tony need to stop pursuing what they had started. Sure I will not look at it as a Black Sabbath reunion like I did when Dio came back to the band, but it will be interesting to see what these guys can do with the technology at their disposal and their already immense talents. 

Song of the day: I couldn’t stop myself!

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