Rockin’ the Boat

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As I get older and look at all of the things I want to do sometimes I have to take a step back and realize that I have a family, and responsibilities that have to be taken care of before I can have any fun. Not that being with my family is not fun, but my family doesn’t necessarily want to go with me to see a metal concert or a festival for that matter. I however would really like to go to a festival and to see as many metal shows as I can throughout the year. Now if I had a place where I could be both at a festival and a place where my wife might have an enjoyable time as well that would be perfect. But there are very few places where my wife would want to go and be around a bunch of metalheads all day long ( and I can’t blame her) and me be able to enjoy some great metal. Oh, but wait, what about a metal cruise! It is the best of both worlds, my wife and I could have a vacation, and I could literally get my fill of metal for the year.

I now know that some people do not feel that a cruise ship is an appropriate place for a metal festival, and when I usually think of cruises I think of something old people do, not me. But I have to say, having 32 bands in one place and being able to see them and have a vacation, and all for one price, that is pretty awesome. I understand that some people do not think that a cruise is heavy metal, but I kinda look at it like a festival on the water. Additionally, a lot of the bands that they book for these cruises are bands that I would not likely be able to see live because they do not tour often or at least never seem to make it to my area. I am not talking about the big names like on the newly announced Mayhem Cruise, but some of the more obscure bands promoters get to fill the space in the bigger ships. Bands like Coroner, Agent Steel, Sacred Reich, Samael, Tankard, and so on…

 I was having a conversation about this very topic yesterday on Twitter with a gentleman who believes that metal is supposed to be dangerous, and that cruise ships are far from dangerous, they are what our parents vacation on. He is right, a cruise ship is not the most metal thing in the world, but what has to be understood is that a lot of us metal heads are getting older and we can’t get to all of the clubs, and concerts, and festivals that happen all year-long. We have to take our kids to baseball games, swim practice, choir practice, and we also have houses  and wives that need to be taken care of to boot. I would love to be able to do what my associate on Twitter does and see just about every show  in the area and then some, but I can’t, so I go to his website and live vicariously through him. May not be the most metal way to do things, but it is better than nothing.

For a metalhead like me to plan a vacation with just me, my wife, and my son is like trying to organize the Third Fleet. The logistics and timing has to be perfect and everyone has to agree on what we are doing. I would love nothing better than to be able to combine my passions, with a vacation that my wife would enjoy,(and maybe my son when he gets older) and the metal cruises provide that opportunity for me. Like I said earlier having all of these bands in one location for one price and a couple of Caribbean port stops seems like a pretty good deal to me. Plus what could be more Metal and Dangerous than a huge mosh pit in international waters in the middle of the night?


My conversation on Twitter that I mentioned above was with Metal Chris (@metalchris) from DC Heavy Metal. He writes a pretty in-depth blog on everything metal in the DC metro area. He has a ton of reviews and giveaways from the area metal scene, but even if you do not live in the area check out the site. Tons of pictures and reviews, and even if you are not seeing a band here, his review may help you decide to spend the money or not if the band heads your way. Check out his website at

Song of the day:  New Kreator!


One thought on “Rockin’ the Boat

  1. If you put it on a pirate ship – maybe that could make it more metal, but all kidding aside. Metal cruises are a great idea. The family gets their stuff and we metal heads get ours. It’s win win situation. I would love to go on the Tesla one someday.

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