Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown

Good day all,

Being known as a metalhead puts me in a unique category of people who listen to nothing but earth shattering music that would make a nun blush. Accurate,  but not necessarily the truth. I became a metalhead because of the music that preceded my love of metal. I listened to the Stones, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, pretty much anything that my older brother would have playing on the record player in his room. All of this music had a harder edge to it than the country music that my parents were listening to at the time and that is what I think eventually drove me more toward heavy metal. The perspective that you have to consider is that when I was getting into heavy metal as a kid there really wasn’t that many heavy metal bands that we knew of until Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, hit the shores and showed us what heavy music would become. Black Sabbath was around and AC/DC but at this time we were not hearing them like we were the Zeps, Beatles, Stones, Doors, and so on. There wasn’t a place for the heavier music on FM radio just yet, but that time was coming soon.

Considering the above and understanding that metal was just on the cusp of entering a young kid’s consciousness there was a specific band that encapsulated the heavy sound I was looking for. This band wrote ultra-impressive lyrics and had song structures that were unique and focused, they just drew you in and didn’t let you go; that band was Queen. Why might you ask am I talking about Queen today? Easy, this weekend my wife was watching her TIVOed episodes of American Idol and they were performing Queen songs. I DO have a problem with American Idol doing Queen songs not because it is American Idol, but because I don’t believe anyone but Queen can do Queen justice. Take as an example the Queen and Paul Rodgers collaboration, awful, not because of either the remnants of Queen or Paul Rodgers, but Queen songs need to be sung by Freddie, its a fact and there is no way around that.

Queen had a sound so unique and heavy that it is almost impossible to describe; just think about the guitar break in the song “We will Rock You” when Brian May hits that first chord of the solo it instantly can send shivers up your spine, at that point you are unintentionally banging your head and rocking out to this song. Sometimes I think we as an audience take for granted how great a song really is, and the supersaturation of it on radio and video is a big reason. That is why everyone should delve deep into the Queen collection and listen to some of the more obscure songs that they have created. I understand that everyone probably has a copy of Queen’s Greatest Hits, but you need to move on from that and listen to albums like A Night at the Opera, A Day at the Races, Sheer Heart Attack, these albums have songs on them that are amazingly heavy and should be enjoyed on 11.

Brian May, Roger Taylor, John, Deacon and the late, great Freddie Mercury had a style and sound that just can’t be imitated. There music as it lives on for generations is a mix of complex melodies and in your face power. For my fellow metalheads, Queen should be required listening for you to be able to understand how they were inspirations to the mass of metal bands that are out there today. One chord from Brian May, one beat of the drum from Roger Taylor, one Bass lick from John Deacon, and one note from the amazing Freddie Mercury’s voice will instantly prove to anyone that they are a band that was as heavy as any at the time, and possibly still today.

Song of the Day, if you don’t think Queen is heavy, this song should help: http://youtu.be/AnGaEk0rZdU

Until Later, Peace,



One thought on “Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown

  1. I was offended that American Idol was doing a Queen tribute. They don’t deserve to be on that show. The song is great you posted – Metallica did a great job with it when they re did it.

    Nice post.

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