Sad but True!

Good day all,

Music has been around for a very long time. Possibly even longer than man, there is no way to know if pterodactyl actually sang to each other back in the day. Not to mention the churches and the monks who have been chanting since the sun was a star. So it is not unreasonable to think that we have run out of original sounds. But what does “running out of original sounds” mean? Let me put it like this, recently I have been reading a ton of music reviews were the reviewer will make a statement like ” (insert band name here ) have made an excellent album, but they aren’t breaking any new ground with this album”. Maybe they aren’t breaking any new ground because there isn’t any new ground to break.

Again, music has been around forever and there has to be a point where musicians, songwriters, composers run out of notes, riffs, chords, and changes! Is music infinite? Can there possibly be any more combinations of music to call original? Seriously folks! This is why when every new album by your favorite artist comes out there is that feeling in the back of your mind like you have heard this before. I have said this before and I will say it again, there are too many bands in the heavy metal genres that are not good, and now that I write this I am worried that they are stealing what might be the very few original songs, riffs, chords, that are left.

Some quick background on why I am writing about original music becoming extinct; I was driving down the road the other day listening to my MP3 player on shuffle when the song “Save Yourself” from Overkill’s new album The Electric Age started to play. When I heard the opening riff, I thought to myself “wow, a Judas Priest cover”, but I was wrong, the song was an Overkill original! Now I don’t know if Overkill was paying homage to Priest by writing this song, but I can tell you when the opening riffs started I thought I was listening to Judas Priest. I was even trying to identify the Priest song before I looked at my MP3 player!

But see? This is my point! Maybe the music world is at a point where there is no other choice but to recycle the music of the past. Maybe, this is why synthesizers, violins, flutes and other instruments are making their way more prominently into metal, and not just folk/viking metal. Check out a band called Hung, they are a death metal band that prominently uses a violin in their music. Mainly because the violin player started the band, but at least it is an original sound.

I hope I am wrong and there are plenty of original notes, chords, and riffs, which in turn translate to original songs, but I am really starting to worry. How many bands come out every day sounding exactly the same as many other bands out there? Part of this is the fault of the record companies who will only take chances on bands with a sound similar to what is popular, but some of it has to be because there just isn’t enough original music to go around. Let’s face it, the days of the album that just blows us away may be a thing of the past.


Just a heads up, my writing will be featured on the website For Whom the Blog Tolls, . Check it out, it is a really good resource for your metal news needs and for some great commentary, and I am not just saying that because they will be allowing me to post my stuff there! It really is a great website, and thanks to them for having me!

Today’s song of the day will be the Overkill song “Save Yourself” that I mentioned above. I really need someone to tell me if I am crazy about this song sounding almost exactly like a Judas Priest song. Am I crazy? Let me know what you think.


3 thoughts on “Sad but True!

  1. That does sound like a Priest song with a mix of Anthrax thrown in for good measure.

    I think it might be Ram it Down that I am thinking of it when I hear that song.

    Nice post. It isn’t only music though. Look at the state of movies today. We have lost a lot of original stuff there as well. Maybe that form of media is heading the way of music.

    • I was thinking Ram it Down as well, but I think the reality is it is a combination of a couple of Priest songs including Painkiller. But glad to know it isn’t just me. Thanks for l of your comments and reading my blog

      • Sure. I heard Screaming for Vengeance a little bit as well. I guess we can say there is a lot of Priest in that song which isn’t a bad thing. Thanks for reading my blog as well. Good luck with the writing on the other site.

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