Rock and Roll Over (The Dance Floor)

Good day all,

So KISS was on Dancing with the Stars and some people in the metal community are having a fit (read: Eddie Trunk etc…). One of the issues that people are having is they are worried about what KISS is doing as well as how metal is being portrayed on national television and that the show is doing metal a disservice, to this I say “yea, whatever!” As I have said in a previous post I think anything that brings attention to metal is a good thing. I mentioned Ozzy and Judas Priest lending their songs to car commercials and now Motley Crue has followed suit, and how marketeers are finally figuring out who is spending money, well this DWTS thing is no different to me. Plus, lets face it, we are talking about KISS here, it seems to me Gene and Paul would sell a kidney as long as the recipient had a KISS logo tattooed to it and left the wound open so people could see it.

Seriously people, KISS will do anything for a buck! Additionally, DWTS also had Steel Panther on the show, and I have to believe that you know that Steel Panther is a parody of a metal band. So either DWTS was intentionally making fun of metal, which I doubt, or more likely they went to whoever would say yes to them and picked correctly because Gene and Paul can’t say no to anyone (see Country Music Awards). Also if KISS had any metal credibility left they wouldn’t have been on a show where the following act was parodying what they have been doing for 40 years!

One more thing, I don’t remember anyone having a problem when Judas Priest showed up on American Idol! Where was the outrage then? Because as I remember it, it was a bit of a cringe worthy moment seeing Priest on the American Idol stage, at least for me. Was there no outrage then because they were singing with James Durban and he was “metal”? So spare me the outrage, if KISS wants to sell out again with no scruples whatsoever then so be it, but don’t bash DWTS, bash the band that allowed themselves to be made fools of, again! I am pretty sure everyone knows how I feel about KISS but are they really metal anymore anyway? Isn’t an appearance on DWTS just what we expect from this band?

If you really want to worry about what is effecting metal look at the over saturation of bands in the multiple genres of the music. Between all of the new Death, Metalcore, Melodic Death, Grindcore bands and the many, many more that I am missing, metal is putting out a lot of music, but most of it is not good. What we need is a metal renaissance that gets us back to the basics and allows for more traditional metal bands to lead the way. There are some really great metal bands out there being overlooked because they are not extreme enough, that is what is hurting metal. I now relinquish my soapbox to the readers!

Song of the day:  This song is from the new album from the band Exumer, check them out, some really good old school Thrash from Metal Blade Records.

Until Later, Peace



2 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Over (The Dance Floor)

  1. I think Def Leppard was on DTWS as well, sure, they haven’t been metal in a while, but bands do still market themselves anyway they can.

  2. I don’t remember Priest on Idol, but I’m not a follower. However, I do recall my wife and daughter screaming for me to tell them who this insane looking guitar player was – and it was Zakk Wylde. Definitely metal, definitely promotional.

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