If We Knew Now What They Knew Then!!!

Good day all,

Just a quick post, I was listening to some music today on my MP3 player and I currently have a mix of metal playing that includes everything from grindcore, to death, to traditional heavy metal. As I listen to the mix I am starting to think that there is still a lot that current metal bands could learn from the masters of the past who are still creating fantastic music. Currently my mix consists of some old school metal pioneers like Alice Cooper, Saxon, Accept, Riot, among others. Here is what I noticed, all of these bands have really heavy, and really interesting current albums (sure, they are a few years old but work with me).

For instance I would suggest everyone take a listen to Alice Cooper’s Along Came A Spider this album harkens back to the glory years of Alice’s music while simultaneously being modern and relevant and having an edge that most metal albums today are missing. Similarly the newest Saxon album Call to Arms is as hard and refreshing as a metal album may come to be. Most of the people I have talked with on this blog and out in the world have heard and understand how absolutely fantastic Accept’s Blood of the Nation is and are looking forward to the forthcoming Stalingrad album coming out in a month or so, but Blood of the Nation is a must have for any true metal head. I already discussed Riot yesterday so I will not rehash that, you all know how I feel about Immortal Soul.

My point that I have slowly tried to get to, is that these bands have been around for 30-40 years and have still found a way to create amazing music in a time when the technology and scene should have passed them by, and I am not sure there are many other bands that can say that. It seems to me that these specific bands have found the right mix of their old school style with an updated sound and been able to thrive in a metal scene that is starting to get diluted with angry screams and growls that constitute alot of today’s vocals. Just so we are clear I am not bashing that vocal style, but to be able to hear a harmony and tone change in a singers voice is kind of refreshing sometimes.

Look at bands like Motley Crue, Poison, Kiss, Bon Jovi, and many more who are currently touring or will be touring and we have not heard a bit of new music out of them. Where the bands mentioned above are working out their metal chops on new material and touring, and not just throwing albums out there but putting out really good albums that the fan can enjoy. I think that there is something here that the bands of today can learn from these old school metal masters and that is quantity is not always quality, and that the old way may sometimes be the best way. So a big shout out to Old School!

Song of the Day: http://youtu.be/IYoxzzDIZoU

Until later, Peace,



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