Internet killed the Video Star

Good day all,
I am back after a long and crazy work week! Thanks for sticking around, much appreciated!

 I am going to date myself again but I think it is important to this post so here I go. When MTV first broadcast I remember watching at my grandmother’s house. I also remember that my grandmother’s cable receiver had a dial on it to change the channels. That was an antique the day it was made! Anyway, MTV debuted and that first rocket blasted off into space and the moonmen planted the MTV flag on the moon and the rest was history. MTV did a fine job of making some pretty mediocre bands and singers popular, case in point, The Bunggles!

As for metal, MTV has the sole responsibility of making Hair Metal, Glam Rock, whatever you want to call it, possible. It was MTV that put Motley Crue, RATT, Poison on constant rotation and made metal a recognizable genre in music. You have to give MTV credit for helping create the metal music we have today, if it wasn’t for the access the current musicians had with MTV we may not have some of the great metal bands today. Of course it also over saturated metal with a lot of mediocre bands but that is a post for another day.

Look at it this way, whether you like the Metallica “Black Album” or not MTV heavy rotation of Enter Sandman allowed for heavier music to be acceptable on both TV and radio. Additionally, MTV’sHeadbanger’s Ball allowed for little known bands to be exposed to a new , wanting, audience.Headbanger’s Ballwas where I first heard Suicidal Tendencies, and many other bands I would have never found on a local radio station. But much like the question I had about albums a couple of weeks ago, do videos matter anymore? Where do you find them? MTV and VH1 quit showing videos years ago, are bands still making videos? I have seen some lyric videos over the years, which is nice for the more extreme metal, as you can read what they are saying, but do bands and record companies still spend money on the music video? If so I would love to know how they market them as I have not seen a music video in a long time, at least a new music video. I have seen some bands tweet that they have a video posted to a specific music website, but they seem to all be digital. cartoonish. So please tell me, is the music video still important to the music fan? Does it make a difference on what or who you listen to anymore?

Listened to the new Overkill album and will sum it up with my Tweet this morning “Here is something I haven’t said this in a long time, the new @overkillband is a Thrashterpiece!!! Best they have sounded in years”

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One thought on “Internet killed the Video Star

  1. Welcome back.

    The video is as dead as the CD. I hate to admit that because I too remember when MTV launched.

    I just don’t think channels show them anymore. I remember a time when they were on TBS, NBC, covered all over MTV, VH1, and CMT.

    There have been some good metal videos as of late, but unless you get lucky and catch them on VH1 Classic then you miss out. If you know about a video then the best bet is to check You Tube. That might be the only place to really see them on a regular basis these days.

    Case in point. I Stumbled on this on the Iron Maiden website or Facebook, one of the two. I wish there was a video outlet for it because it is such a unique cover.

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