Not in a Mosh!

Good day all,

Maybe I am showing my age, maybe I am showing my lack of courage, but I just don’t understand the mosh pit. I have been to hundreds, maybe even thousands of metal shows in my lifetime. Whether they where at major arenas or small clubs built-in the basement of old churches, and they all had mosh pits. I know there is someone out there who will be able to help me with my lack of mosh pit knowledge, but I just don’t understand why you would want to be involved in the mass of humanity that is pushing, pulling, bouncing, elbowing, shoulder blocking during a concert. I could imagine being in your garage with a group of buddies listening to some metal and doing that but why pay money for a concert just to come out Broken, Beaten and Scarred (thanks Metallica!)? I have been told that there is also some etiquette to being in the mosh pit as well. Something about helping up someone who falls down, not literally fighting, no punching etc.. Great, now I know that when I go into a mass of humanity that is bouncing off of each other at least they are polite about it.

I saw Anthrax and Testament at the Fillmore in Silver Springs Maryland and the crowd had created a pretty substantial mosh pit, hell there where even some girls in it which I had never seen before, and let me tell you they held their own. Anyway, as is customary at a metal show the mosh pit was egged on by the bands and the more the bands talked about it and encouraged it the pit got bigger and bigger. When Anthrax played Indians and the section break came up and Scott Ian yelled “War Dance” the place went absolutely nuts and the pit turned into a huge circular stampede! Had we been in water the force of the pit would have flushed us all!

Maybe I am missing it, or maybe I am to old to understand, but as I remember we had mosh pits when I was a youngster too and all of these metal bands where up and coming. Maybe it is my dislike of being in crowds that has precluded me from partaking in the kinship of the mosh pit, I just don’t want to be that close to you. I like to stand in the back and have everyone in front of me, as long as I can see and hear the band I am fine. So who is going to enlighten me on the draw, desire of the mosh pit? It is part of the heavy metal lexicon and I understand that, but no one has ever explained to me what the appeal is, and I have asked. To paraphrase what Gene Simmons has said about music, “If you don’t know, You’re too old!”


Check out Witchaven’s album Terrorstorm!

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