Hotter Than Hell?

Good day all,

Once again I have decide to test the patients of the little audience that I have and say that although I respect what KISS has done for the establishment of heavy metal and the shock side of things, I was never a big fan of what they produced. Sure, they have some good songs, but if it wasn’t for the stage show, with the make-up, they really don’t have much to offer musically. They happen to be decent musicians, and I will agree that they have had some really good musicians in the band, but the core being Gene and Paul have never really impressed me that much with their musicianship and songwriting. The beauty of it is that KISS has one of the most respected songs in Heavy Metal, which also happens to be a ballad, “Beth“, as well as one of the worst songs ever written in “God Gave Rock and Roll to you“. Seriously, the fact that KISS thought that writing and recording that song was a good idea immediately drops them a rung in the Heavy Metal Hierarchy Ladder, for me anyway. Yes, I just made up the Heavy Metal Hierarchy Ladder (Trademark Pending).

Gene and the rest of the band was smart however by selling everything they possibly could with a KISS logo on it as a way to have an infinite profit stream whether they were making music or not and whether that music was good or not. Seriously, they have a coffin with a KISS logo, among so many other products. But that is also a problem, is the listening public supposed to take you seriously as a band when all you really do is try to make as much money as possible on marketing? Do they just keep producing albums to keep themselves relevant so that people will remember to buy their wives and girlfriends KISS panties on Valentine’s Day?

I owned KISS Alive! 1 and 2, Hotter Than Hell, Animalize, etc…as a kid, but as I listen to these songs now a days it is amazing how really bad they were. There was very little structure, a lot of repeated words, and luckily Gene and Paul were able to recruit a good drummer and lead guitar player or most of these songs would be virtually unlistenable. My appreciation for them revolutionizing how we see concerts has not faded. They brought the pyrotechnics and the big steel stage, and the smoking/sparking guitars and blood and because of that a heavy metal concert is even better than it should be. KISS should be applauded for that, but really listen to a KISS song and tell me I am wrong.


FYI, is calling March Heavy Metal month and they are discounting a lot of their heavy metal cds and MP3s. I downloaded the new Goatwhore last night for about $2.00 less than normal. Also Metal Blade is giving away 30th anniversary T-shirts if you buy select music from them (including the new Goatwhore) just Google it and you can find the website.

Song of the day, just becaus I am feeling cheeky!    …and yes the video is just as bad as the song!

Until Later, Peace,



One thought on “Hotter Than Hell?

  1. Finally someone said what we all are thinking. Kiss has minimal talent, but their image pushed them to legend status.

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