Vulgar Display of Imagination

Good day all,

I was listening to a Pantera song this afternoon and was considering what would have happened if Dimebag would have lived? Full disclosure, I always thought that Dimebag Darrell was one of the stupidest names around. It just seemed immature and sophomoric to me. But I digress, I consider Pantera one of the best bands ever, they are in my top ten of metal bands and as far as I see it they were the forefathers of metalcore. But the band broke up way before Darrell was killed in a senseless act of violence. The relationship between the band and Phil had deteriorated due to Phil’s addictions and the band went their separate ways. Now, there is no way to rewrite the past, what has happened has happened, but even with the success of Down, I have to believe that with Phil cleaning himself up, they would have gotten back together. I wish it were possible as I think they would be kicking ass right now with their ability, power, and aggression. I guess we could imagine this with a multitude of different bands who had a band member pass away, whether they where still a band or not. Who would you like to see back together? What would be your grand band reunion? There are a few that would definitely have been interesting.

Also, if you never have, check out the band’s first album with Phil as singer: (

Work schedule is ridiculous so I won’t be able to post as frequently as I want to. I will post when I can for the next couple of weeks but they will probably be pretty short much like the one above. The one thing I will do no matter what is post my song of the day, more for me than you…just kidding, I love bringing the metal to all!

Why can’t I get my videos to embed anymore?

And today’s song of the day:


2 thoughts on “Vulgar Display of Imagination

  1. I personally don’t see why people are such fanatics of Dimebag’s playing style. Yes, the guy could come up with some killer riffs and patterns, but his solos do absolutely nothing for me (except the one on “Walk”) and I think were he not to have been killed at a concert, I don’t think he’d have reached anywhere near the same level of respect as he has got now.
    That said, it’d have been cool to see Pantera in concert.

    I have two personal grand reunions (although one semi-happened already). One would be Lykathea Aflame. They released one amazing album back in 1999 and then split up, although there is another project in the works in a similar vein with an album in the works that almost rivals Wintersun’s Time or GNR’s Chinese Democracy.
    I don’t know if you’re much of a DM fan, but this track is worth checking out:

    The other would be Conception, the previous band of now ex-Kamelot vocalist Roy Khan. Amazing progressive metal, they had 4 albums out. This metal ballad touches me every time:

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