Delivering the Goods

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So, the gods of marketing have finally figured out who purchasing the products that they have been producing. It has taken awhile but it seems that at least the car manufacturers have figured out that the “stoner”, “Long-hairs”, from high school are actually the people who have become successful and may be buying their products. So how do they try to grab our attention? The appropriate way, with heavy metal! The Honda Odyssey commercial using the Judas Priest song “Hellion” has been out for some time now, but we can add Ozzy and Motley Crue to the list of heavy metal bands allowing their music to be used by the marketing machine. Hell, Motley Crue is even in the video for the car that is being advertised during the Super Bowl. Personally I think that it is about time that the people who create these commercials realize who buys their products, and I would love to say that the bands are selling out, but most of the time the bands don’t even own their own music anymore, just look at the Beatles. But I don’t think that matters anyway, let’s face it when the opening notes of “Hellion” start playing out of your TV it is going to cause you to look and possibly say, like I did the first time I saw the commercial, “Awesome, it’s about time!”. One thing I do not worry about is a band being labeled a sellout, a lot of people hated the Metallica “Black Album” because they thought they sold out to make radio friendly music, I thought they just made a bad album. But either way I think it is great that Heavy Metal is getting the respect it deserves in the form of helping with branding of products. Now when you hear “Crazy Train” you should automatically picture a Honda Pilot with your family in it humming along, and there is nothing wrong with that!

How do you feel about these commercials using heavy metal? Do you think they are selling out? Would you be more inclined to buy a product that used heavy metal in their commercial? Tell me what you think!

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8 thoughts on “Delivering the Goods

  1. *warning rant mode may occur*

    “Now when you hear “Crazy Train” you should automatically picture a Honda Pilot with your family in it humming along, and there is nothing wrong with that!”
    I’m not entirely sure why, but that concept fills me with abject terror. I have never really been a fan of commercials in general, but when everybody knows the opening notes to, say, “Breaking The Law” or “Iron Man” (the latter of which was covered by a hip hop artist), it ruins some of the community spirit for me. I have met several people before who say “oh yeah, I like a bit of metal, Metallica and Bullet For My Valentine”, and that’s it. And I am pretty sure that they got into metal through some commercial aspect instead of actually finding the bands themselves.
    Anyway, the idea of metal becoming something so ubiquitous that it loses its original value is something which I am fairly against as a concept. And being used in such commercials I think is a step towards this idea. It wouldn’t even be like a revisit of the 80s, it would be something a lot worse.

    By the way, although not as famous as Judas Priest or Ozzy, Falconer were used in a car commercial:

    • Mark,
      I understand where you are coming from but I see this “commercialization” if you will, as a good thing. The more people hear brilliant and classic bands like Judas Priest and Ozzy the more chance they have of actually seeking out their music and giving it a shot. Heck, a friend of mine and I were just talking the other day how Iron Maiden “Number of the Beast” was on the radio, that would have been unheard of when I was in school and the album first came out. But as the world changes so does our ability to tolorate things I guess.
      The Ozzy/Honda image references was sort of tongue in cheek but I do love to look in my back seat when I am listenening to metal in the car with my three year old and he is head-banging and playing air guitar/drums, and that is what I think about when I see that commercial. But I get where you are coming from.

  2. My only thing is. Don’t lose the edge. Once Ozzy got his own reality show, he was no longer The Prince of Darkness. He was the Prince of Fatherhood and letting Sharon rule his life. It took away some of that mystery about him. Will we now believe he bit off a bat’s head after seeing him on the Osbournes?

    At the same time, to hear that Priest intro in a commercial. It was cool and awkward at the same time. Maybe if it was selling a Porsche or something like that, but a mini van. I just don’t know about that.

    • I agree about Ozzy become a caricature of himself. After seeing the Osborne’s and now knowing how Sharon handles his business kind of takes the mystery out of the man that most of thought of as the Prince of Darkness. It really irks me that Sharon has become as famous as she has because now she is even more overbearing. What other manager of a hard rock or heavy metal band does the normal person even know? It is pretty bad form when the manager overshadows the musician she is trying to promote.

      As for the Priest song and the mini-van, it makes owning a mini-van (like my family does) seem a little cooler. I needed that!

      • I guess I can understand the mini van thing. It is pretty cool to see a Priest song leading into a commercial like that.

        Got your Maiden tickets yet? Or are you going? I had to wrangle my way around to get the money since I am out of work. Got em though.

      • Yes, I got my tickets for the Jube 30th show in Virginia. Looking forward to it, like I said before I have never had the chance to see them, and I try to never miss the chance to see Alice Cooper! I am hoping for an epic show!

  3. I think it’s a great thing – I never got to listen to rock unless I went out and bought it as it was never played on the radio. I know some might worry about selling out, but it’s not like Ratt ever stood for something is it?
    …and Ozzy is still the prince of darkness, and Lemmy is still god, despite Ace of Spades being on a beer commercial

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